Marcus Reich & Steffen Peter – Warehouse Vibes

Great camerawork and riding in this new slick edit featuring Marcus Reich & Steffen Peter jamming at their winter riding spot. Especially liked the fire hydrant karl backwards halfpacker line by Markus Reich at the 1:52 mark, notice the way he controls the carve on the backwards halfpacker, skills!

Bike Days 2017 BMX Flatland Qualification

Darcry 66 just posted this nice highlights edit from the Bike Days contest a few weeks back. Featuring the likes of Matthias Dandois, Dustyn Alt, Alex Jumelin, Bo Wade, Etienne Giraud, Masato Ito, Bert Ribul, Dominik Nekolny, Thomas Noyer, Davis Dudelis, Jean William Prevost, Joris Bretagnolles, and many more.

King of Concrete 1999

Khelagger promised some great uploads from the archives, and today comes up with some great footage from the 1999 King of Concrete. Many of you will know my parents, Geoff and Jenni put this contest on for 17 years. This edit features great riding from the likes of Martti Kuoppa, Christophe Dassie, Kimmo Haakana, Armin Batoumeni, yours truly, Alex Jumelin, and many more. Contest run footage towards the end, Alex Jumelin took the win that year. Thanks khelagger for a great trip down memory lane.

Must Watch – Scott Powell / Decade Anthology: Opposite Bar-split–Opposite Decade

Decade Anthology: Opposite Bar-split–Opposite Decade from scott powell on Vimeo.

Back in the day I did the regular bar split decade to decade, I never even thought about doing it opposite. It’s hard enough regular, Scott Powell is on another level. School in session, day 17. Hard to say something new here that I haven’t already said, so I will add flatland wins. This series is truly something else!

Must Watch – Scott Powell – Decade Anthology: Opposite Decade–Perverted

Decade Anthology: Opposite Decade–Perverted from scott powell on Vimeo.

Day 13 in Scott Powell’s amazing Decade Anthology and I am beginning to wonder how long this will run for. Today’s clip is yet another banger, Opposite Decade to regular Perverted. What’s next??

AFA Round 1 – Pro Class

Broadcast Software

Broadcast Software

Just over an hour and a half of raw contest footage from the Pro Class at the AFA Round 1. You can watch Jean William Prevost’s flawless winning ride on the second video at the 15:25 mark, incredible. So much good riding went down, when you have spare time it is one to watch for sure!

George Kikos – Sunny Day

George Kikos gets back to riding at one of the most picturesque riding spots we see regularly here on Flatmattersonline. In this “sunny days” edit George goes back to some moves he’s forgotten about including the steamboat to crackpacker that got a few of us talking on Paulo Gepulango’s Orginal Ride in post on tuesday, bars regular rather than backwards at the 1:22 mark.