Lookback: December 2015 – The Flatmattersonline 2015 Year end awards

We started the last month of the year with this sick xft pedal turbine mega spin opposite foot decade clip out of Jason Plourde.

On December 2nd, Alberto Moya published this really nice edit from the jam the day after the Com’in Lyon contest a few weeks back featuring Alexis Desolneux, Charles Paty, Fabien Stephan, Alberto Moya, Kevin Jacob, Mates Tucek and Matthieu Bonnecuelle. Definitely worth a watch!

Joel Schallhorn has been progressing a ton since his return from China back to his home in Denver, Colorado. Joel definitely stands out to me as he rides so differently than almost anyone I can think of, in this edit you will see lots of new opposite bar flips, gadget whips variations, and a fun new no footed steam holding the stem (3:57 + backwards variation) that was inspired by Martti Kuoppa at a Tintadome session at BITR last month. Really enjoyed this edit, keep on shredding Joel!

Hit play for a solid collection of footage Luke Malone just put together for his year end edit at his infamous tight parking garage set up! Especially liked the messiah turbine lines in this one, December 2nd was definitely a good day for edits!

The story of Scuffgate is a tale of broken promises, at Bike Days in Switzerland earlier in the year James made the promise to myself and Michael Sommer to never do a backwards bar ride in a contest ever again, fast forward to Flatark and BITR James admittedly had a broken ankle and brings out the backwards bar ride, even funnier was that Michael was judging at Flatark and both of us at BITR. The joke grew that James can’t keep a promise, now fast forward to James White’s new video! McGraw declares, “I’m never touching the tyre again” (this lasted an hour) much to our amusement! I knew we wouldn’t have to wait long for this edit, but James came through with this nice part “Scuffgate 2015″, and in particular the last switch is so good! It’s going down for real!

Williams Perez put together this dope “Flatland Practicas” edit compiled from some Facebook videos he has recently posted. The two footed turbine mega spin jump to two footed backyard line at the 1:42 is so good, don’t sleep on this one!

Feel the good vibes from Meriken Park in Kobe, Japan as the locals hold a small contest as part of the Iiniku Jam. Great mix of riding styles from the likes of Morishita, Rin, Chiwa, Kein, Tom, Akimitsu, Takumi, Simomura, Yuki, Kenshiro, Gyaos, Soncho, Oni, Keisuke Tanigawa, Russia (who took the win!), Enoyang (backwards kick flip backpacker attempt at 3:06), and so many more riders of all ages and abilities. This is flatland, love these kind of edits! Thank you Kenshiro Ojima for this!

This amazing back wheel manual line for Yohei Uchino’s signature “Good speed” frame promo has been doing the rounds on social media today! And for good reason, just look at this work of art!
Here is the official word:
“Yohei Uchino’s signature “Good Speed” Frame promo will be released into the world at the end of February/March. The initial order has already sold out in less than half a day, manufacturer stock is not already. The frame is a masterpiece that has been long awaited during it’s test period. Yohei is the principal of Good Speed”.

Paulatrix just dropped Volume 2 of the Rad Girls series, good vibes and good riding from Eri Funatsu, Kendra jamming at the Battle in the Rockies, Jazz Pintasilgo, Aubrey Wyn, Tsuda Tomeanzu, Julia Preuss, Women of Freestyles very own Kim Klisiak, Miyuki Dezaki, Yuki Shinkawa, Rin Isogai, Boyana Kale, Liberty Armstrong, Nao Matsui, B Fun, Eriko Ono, Erin Donato who is now married and taken the name Erin Fricke (check her part from around 9:25), Watantabe Sohana (watch the boomerang move at 11:32 amazing control for such a young girl!). Rad Girls!

Alejandro Marques just sent in the first entry for the Quest BMX Sponsor Me competition, hit play to see what Alejandro has to offer!

Check this awesome new edit out of Stephan celebrating his 41st birthday on December 13th at his amazing home riding spot. And a nice surprise to, Stephan is now riding brakeless, check the flow! Look forward to seeing how this develops!

If you missed the livestream footage, here is the final battle from the Battle in the Rockies contest with Martti Kuoppa vs Moto Sasaki! Thanks John Yull for the uploads!

There’s definitely something in the water with the japanese and their backwards mannie game! This backwards manual jump to two footed backyard by Keisuke Matsumoto is ridiculous!

Robert Zuchold sent over this tight new edit with Hungarian rider, Gergely Szajer who now lives in Koln, Germany. Gergely was recently working in Waimar close to where Robert lives, and they met up for a few sessions. Look out for the ender at around the 1:49 mark! Sick riding and flow from Gergely!

Don’t sleep on this amazing edit by Olivér Kállai from this years KTGM Flatland jam that took place in Budapest, Hungary on September 12-13th. Great mix of riding styles featuring Tamas Varga, David Szabo, Pal Gyenes, Gabor Nagy (check the control on the multiple whiplashes at 2:52), Gabor Pasztor, Akos Bordas, Denes Katona (section from 4:00, look out for ET forward pedal truck around the 4:29 mark!), Jan Schmidt, Andras Domany (section from 7:00), Marton Szilaygi drops a couple of lines from the 9:34 mark, David Mezei, Rob Alton, Istvan Dibusz, Norbert Schmelhaus, Balazs Csaszar, and Mihaly Hajnacs. Hungary has for as long as I can remember had one of the best riding scenes in the world, and doesn’t disappoint here!

This new edit celebrating Marton Szilagyi turning 45 years old has made my day on December 16th! One of the most skilled dudes in the game, that doesn’t seem to have aged at all. Timeless riding, make sure you give this one a watch! Happy 45th birthday Marton!

George Manos explains this dark new edit:
“A dusty underground corridor. Windowless, Lightless, Void. A path for things that crave for existence. Inspiration, Imagination, their Father and Mother in the House of Material World. And the Feeling, Wonderful. -G.M.

Quentin Pelorson in France teamed up with a new technology startup with 4D technology and created Flatland Tricky App. With this app, riders can watch tricks performed from any angle. If you want flatland to grow tell everyone interested in learning tricks to download this app. It is the next best thing to having a personal instructor with you at the riding spot. Check the review Bobby Carter just did on the app.
Filming by: Rod Sutton
Available for Iphone now.
Android version coming in 2016.

The description for this one is bang on the money, so I’m going to run with it…
“Pete Olsen’s pivot game is on point! Dude’s taken his style to the next level and if you enjoy flatland, you should indulge immediately!”
Olsen is awesome!

Incredible new line from x-ft steam jump to pedal junkyard, that made me yell at my laptop screen on the first view! I haven’t done that in a long time, well done Owen Bohn this is amazing!

What a good day December 20th was for edits, hyped to see some new Dominik Nekolný footage and even more so especially as he’s riding back wheel! The triple Degroot style undertaker line at 00:25 is so clean, digging the focus and pushing one concept in this, and in typical Dom style, the technique is perfect! Look out!

December has been out of hand with amazing edits and it continues right here with Dez Maarsen and his “Lost Tapes Part 3″ edit! From the opening combo, forward karl half packer one handed two footed pivot xft steam body varial to halfpacker line at 00:38 I was gripped to this, other highlights for me include the forward karl pivot backwards spinning xft spinning steam shove it halfpacker pivot xft steam line at 2:02 (so many switches with very little deadtime!).
Dez is known as a front wheel killer, but also shreds on back wheel too, I loved the two footed backyard gliding gerator pivot xft turbine pivot back to two footed backyard around the 2:50 mark, and the ending hang ten pivot backwards spinning karl to xft halfpacker line is ridiculous! Enjoy this christmas treat from Dez!

Lyon shredder, Kevin Jacob throws down some new moves for us in this new “karma” edit, especially liked the whiplash jump both feet on the down tube jump xft steam other side of the bike at 1:07. Hit play for this one!

John Yull smashes the ball out the park with this new “Finale” edit on December 23rd! From the opening double footed lawnmower stall head tube grab foot jam decade out at 00’18. I was gripped to this, and the bangers kept coming! What an incredible year John has had, massive respect! Hitting the rewind again!!

I’ve left a question mark on this title, as in this modern day it’s hard and dangerous game to call stuff out if you are not entirely sure. Whatever the case this is pretty rad to see a young rider like Minato Sato pushing creativity! Much respect to him!

Sebastian Grubinger just published this sweet end of year “Ease” edit, filmed in Vienna Austria, heres what he say:
“2015 was turbulent. Not always in a untroubled, peaceful or painless way. Over and over I had to relearn to look forward and keep going my way. Memories will stay but, like these clips, it’s good to leave things in 2015.”
Look out for the backwards facing pedal 5 to double backwards downside whiplash at 00:57! Beautiful!

Dub breaks this one down for us, I’m about to sit down with cuppa and enjoy this! The igiBMX bandwagon tour of South America, read on:
“Against all Odds is a BMX Flatland film documenting the travels of three good friends attempting to drive a beat up 1992 Mazda 323 through the winding roads of South America. Watch as they experience unfamiliar climates and settings from the dryness of the Chilean Atacama desert to the heights of the Bolivian Altiplano with one goal in mind, make it all the way to Bogotá, Colombia.
This journey wouldn’t have been made possible without the help of our sponsors : Nomi Trademark, Amnesia Shop, Hommage Bike Shop, Far East Cycles, Flatlandfuel and Flatmattersonline.com .
We would also like to thank everyone who gave us a hand
Support the movie and team by purchasing a DVD from igibmx.com.
Follow the riders @benjam1n_hudson, @takukasa, @jwilliamp on instagram or Facebook.”
December 28th was a good day!

Dwix is back with Part 2 from the Parisian flatland scene, featuring Matthias Dandois, Remy Dunoyer, Pascal Mintovt, Stéphane Suini, Joachim Sontag, Alain Massabova, Jérôme Samoley,
Rouchdi Aroua, Maxandre Pilonel, and Emmanuel Massabova. Look out for Matthias’ crackpacker boomerang to steam ender around the 5:22 mark. Big fan of scene edits, make sure you watch this one!

I’ve been been keeping an eye on David Szabo’s riding since he won the Worlds in the Masterclass group a few years back in Koln. Here he drops a strong entry for the Quest BMX sponsor me contest, having just dropped a December sessions edit the other day. Big future if he sticks with it!

James McGraw must travel more than most in flatland circles, here’s what he had to say about his 2015 year end edit!
“2015 was definitely one of my most progressive years ever. I finished the world circuit as the top ranked american for the second year in row. I learned to do a lot of my stuff with no scuff, but stayed true to my riding and still have some scuffs. I am very proud of the things I have hit this year as well as in this video.”

What a cracking year it has been! I hope you found these lookback articles hopefully in deciding who you are voting for, I know myself I found it useful to see what went down and take a moment to refresh what went down. I will be announcing the nominees on Monday January 4th, if you haven’t already voted you can do so below! Thanks to everyone has already taken the time to vote!


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