Lookback: December 2015 – The Flatmattersonline 2015 Year end awards

We started the last month of the year with this sick xft pedal turbine mega spin opposite foot decade clip out of Jason Plourde.

On December 2nd, Alberto Moya published this really nice edit from the jam the day after the Com’in Lyon contest a few weeks back featuring Alexis Desolneux, Charles Paty, Fabien Stephan, Alberto Moya, Kevin Jacob, Mates Tucek and Matthieu Bonnecuelle. Definitely worth a watch!

Joel Schallhorn has been progressing a ton since his return from China back to his home in Denver, Colorado. Joel definitely stands out to me as he rides so differently than almost anyone I can think of, in this edit you will see lots of new opposite bar flips, gadget whips variations, and a fun new no footed steam holding the stem (3:57 + backwards variation) that was inspired by Martti Kuoppa at a Tintadome session at BITR last month. Really enjoyed this edit, keep on shredding Joel!

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Lookback: September 2015 – Flatmattersonline 2015 Year end awards

September is always one of the busiest months of the year, and this year was absolutely off the chart. Take a check through my highlights and you will see what I mean!

September 4th will be remembered for Martti Kuoppa’s, 10 Stemlashes! You can always count on the boss to raise the stakes, as if this isn’t enough the description hints of a return to KGB? Great news! Someone looks like they are ready for flatark…

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Winners of 2015 Battle in the Rockies Pro/AM Video Contest!


The 2015 Battle in the Rockies video contest went right down to the wire in both Amateur Class, and Pro Class! This year we added the Amateur class video contest to the event to help spice things up and show the AM riders some much deserved love! And wow, what a contest this was! Taking flatland up a few notches and helping motivate us all worldwide with each entry. As this is essentially a winner takes all contest, we decided this year to treat it as such and announce only the winners of each class, in our eyes we all motivate each other with these entries and flatland wins! So without further a due:

Pro Battle in the Rockies winner(s):

Martti Kuoppa and Moto Sasaki (tie).

The entries for the Pro Class literally had us on the edge of our seats until the final five minutes of deadline day! Two entries in particular stood out so much, that we couldn’t separate them, so we have awarded each rider with a free flight to Denver in November.
Congratulations to Martti Kuoppa and Moto Sasaki, Martti blew us away with his 8 stem lashes and use of the whole 2 minute time, and Moto had us on the edge of seats with that incredible last line dropped on video for the first time, this is what video contests are all about! Honourable mentions going to Thomas Noyer, Williams Perez, Chris Vasileiou, and all the pros that took the time and effort to submit!

AM Battle in the Rockies Winner:

Luke Malone.

Luke’s entry stood out for both myself and James, great bike control, power and flow. Jussi Laukkanen from Helsinki, Finland, Alex Johnson from Texas, Etienne Giraud and Giannis Caternellis pushed hard for the win, but in the end there can only be one winner sadly. Much respect to all the AM’s that entered and motivated us all over the past few weeks with their entries.

Battle in the Rockies 2015 is going to go off, last years winner Jean William Prevost already has an automatic entry and free flight, the 2015 World Circuit champion and 2015 Nora Cup Flatlander of the Year, Viki Gomez is confirmed, add Martti Kuoppa, Moto Sasaki and Luke Malone to the list, and it’s going to one hell of a battle for the top spot in both Pro and AM classes, with the 2015 AM Flatland Circuit also on the line! We have a new venue this year, a better floor, which we will be promoting soon. Keep on eye on our Facebook page for regular updates.

The 2015 BITR Video contest has been a real treat, thank you to everyone who entered, everyone who commented and watched the videos. We hope to see you in Denver on November 5th/7th for the 2nd annual Battle in the Rockies contest, we have a jam session organised for the Thursday and best trick comps and a whole lot more we will be announcing as the event draws closer!

Congratulations to all the winners and everyone that took part! Truly awesome!

Flatland wins!

James McGraw/ Effraim Catlow