Lookback: September 2015 – Flatmattersonline 2015 Year end awards

September is always one of the busiest months of the year, and this year was absolutely off the chart. Take a check through my highlights and you will see what I mean!

September 4th will be remembered for Martti Kuoppa’s, 10 Stemlashes! You can always count on the boss to raise the stakes, as if this isn’t enough the description hints of a return to KGB? Great news! Someone looks like they are ready for flatark…

Jimalog killed it with this amazing edit of Syuichi Osada,Naoki Watanabe and Takumi Matsumoto killing it on Buoyancy 134Tour at some scenic japanese riding spots.

John was injured for a while during August/September, but could not resist a 45th birthday session, and although there’s nothing new here. It is amazing to see what John can do still do with an injured ankle! What a year for him!

During the Real City Spin finals we all witnessed a moment where Moto Sasaki seemed to be unconcerned about winning the battle with Matthias Dandois and more about nailing the trick he wanted. The trick in question was a hitchhiker kick flip to backpacker, many have already said Justin Miller already did it but if you look closely this is a different variation than Justin’s… Jim McKay put together this awesome edit of the trick go down plus the crash that resulted in Moto cutting just above his eye and continuing (2:21), this is Rocky type stuff, and as many have already said a moment they will never forget. Much respect Moto!

Nice behind the scenes footage at Real City Spin at the pre jam in Chinatown and practise by John Yull. Featuring the likes of Toon, Dez Maarsen, Matthias Dandois, Todd Carter, Tsutomu Kitayama, Jean Francois Boulianne, Joe Cicman, and many more.

I feel like Sebastian Grubinger’s samethingdaily3 video part was some what lost in the big interview we dropped with him on Friday, so it’s most definitely worth a repost!
You can check back on the interview also, if you missed it:

On September 2015, Deadline is upon us, just a few hours left. Midnight Denver time, Luke Malone just dropped in his entry for the AM class, which turned out to be the winning entry, check it out!

Moto Sasaki and Martti Kuoppa both dropped amazing entries for the Battle in the Rockies video contest, amazing to watch this level back to back and uncut!

On September 16th we took a break from all the Battle in the Rockie entries and watch this amazing demonstration of bike control from Davis Dudelis. Setting a new world record for the longest nose manual in Riga, Latvia, total distance 263 metres. Wow!

Back to the daily posts after the Battle in the Rockies video contest. Brandon Woldridge sent in this nice edit of Will Redd and Scott Ditchfield sessioning their backyard spot in Texas. The forward side glide pivot line by Will at 2:06 never ceases to amaze me, so good!

Matthias Dandois teamed up with filmmaker Hadrien Picard to work on this awesome project inspired by the 4 seasons. The production and shots in this are incredible, hit play!

To my knowledge I have never seen this before, so I’m giving this one the Must Watch tag, Shinichiro Hara backwards decade windshield wipers anyone?? Hell yes!!!

On September 24th, Mannie Nogueira dropped his Welcome to Deco Bmx edit, hit play to check this one out!

The godfather of UK Flatland, James White just dropped in this tight Level Vibes promo hype clip to whet the appetite. Here’s what the man himself had to say:
“The original and best Flatland contest is back!
Beginner, old sch and expert classes. Then Intense vibrations as the worlds best battle for honour!
22nd November 2015 Crayside Leisure centre, Crayford, Kent, England.”

It would be easy to label Akihiko Takahasi as that guy that does all the crazy backwards half packer combos, but his riding has so much more substance. Aki is celebrating 15 years of riding and put together this amazing complilation of footage that runs just over 12 minutes. Sit down with a cuppa and enjoy watch the craziness of this guy, no one rides like him! Respect!

Stoked to come across this new Gabe Weed edit this morning, filmed at the infamous Huntington Beach parking lot. Look out for the hang 5 turbine shove-it to xft hang 5 flip to half packer around the 2:52 mark. So good!

We have probably all joked around in this foot through stem steam position, Prasheel Gopal gets it done and calls it the P Kettle! Short and sweet clip, check it!

Martti Kuoppa won the UK Flatland Championships on the 26/27th September, I caught up with the man himself on September 29th about his win. https://www.flatmattersonline.com/martti-kuoppa-uk-flatland-championship-winning-run-interview


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