Lookback: August 2015 – The Flatmattersonline 2015 Year end awards

Let’s start the month of August with an amazing demonstration of stamina, bike control and consistency to drop a 15 minute combo by the one and only, Rodney Williams! Rodney was already a few minutes into this combo when Gino Palencia started filming, there’s a nice moment here when Yohei Uchino realises he’s witnessing a moment and stops to watch Rodney do his own thing at the Voodoo pre jam. Respect!

Check out some highlights from Nikola Olic’s winning ride at the Voodoo pre jam. Love the mix in genres with the freak squeak elephant glide smoothly into half packer at 00:20! Good stuff from Nikola, congratulations on the win in Vet Class!

On August 5th, Giannis Caternellis dropped his 27th edit in his amazing freestyler series! As always Giannis uses all techniques of Flatland in this edits, great to see the pedal straddle-roni again at 4:31!

The final flatland fracas took place in August 2015, Rick MacDonald explains more:
A huge thank you to our generous sponsors:
S&M bikes, PB Blaster, WE bicycles, Quest BMX, Porkchop BMX, Bizhouse, Flatland Fuel, Profile Racing, Colony, Port Jeff Bike Dr., Primo, Heresy, Bern Helmets, Deco, We The People, Etnies, igi, Remorse, Daily Grind Shop, St. Martin, Reklamation Bikes, Boston Bike Guy, Scott Denoncourt, A Wicked Ride, Fuse Concepts, EB Skatepark Committee, Teddie Peanut Butter, Parkerriverknife.com, and Maul’s Bike Shop.
I started the Fracas in 2010 with a few small goals. Over the years it grew exponentially and smashed every one of them. There is no way (and not enough space) to thank all the friends, family, riders from all over, and sponsors that contributed and made it happen over the years. Flatland BMX is alive and well in New England, and we were glad to prove it over and over!
Thanks again, -Rick MacDonald

Marton Szilagyi is one of the best flatlanders around, timeless skills, check this amazing nose manual g-turned to backwards whiplashes! Wow!

Few are blessed with the talent and grace Benjamin Hudson ouses in abundance when he rides. Sit back and enjoy this new edit for Far East Cycles filmed at next to the Amusement Park he currently works for in Beijing, China. I’m still rewinding the xft crackpacker line at 2:00 over and over! This is motivating to watch, grab a cuppa and enjoy Benjamin doing his thing!

Check this highlights footage from Matthias Dandois killing it on his way to first place at the Arnette O’Marisquiño in Vigo, Spain!

What a year it has for John Yull already, nailing the triple foot jam decade for his Same Thing Daily part, the brakeless backwards decade and already dropping a number of “Must Watch” edits here on FM and he’s not letting up anytime soon! Look out for the multiple foot jam decade backwards wheelie line at 1:14! John is an inspiration to us all!

Awesome to see some fresh footage of Motel Works rider, Nao Yoshida today! Look out for the two footed backwards spinning invisible hand around the 1:06 mark and the following backwards ucchie type spin flip to spinning g-roll and 1:25 is really stylish! Well worth a watch!

Peep this amazing teaser for next weekend’s Real City Spin contest in Montreal, Canada! As I said before Dub puts 120% into everything he does, and it really shows!

August 23rd was a great day for edits, Yorihisa Shiota kills the front wheel as always in this 2015-08-21 and especially lookout for the one handed spinning circle k one handed jump backwards spinning xft fork wheelie, such a treat!

“Creativity is a blessing, it is my life! This “unfinished” project have been filmed from January 2015 until August 2015, trying to find a new me, trying to go out of my comfort zone and trying to be different. When I go my own way I feel free.These are moments that I want to share and give to Flatland. It is infinity! The search never ends, it feels infinity when you search! Keep the search..this is life!”
Viki Gomez has been talking about working towards this edit at the last few contests I saw him at this year. Stacking up so many amazing clips to make a 9:35 long video that had me gripped to the screen and hitting rewind on the first watch.
A few moments that stood out to me that I wanted to share:
1:04 – Two footed dump truck to backwards xft ice cream half turbine body varial to two footed dump truck pivot back to backwards xft ice cream shove it x over opposite xft ice cream to opposite forward rope on pedal pivot xft time machine! One of the best combos of 2015 so far!
4:25 – xft boomerang two foot guillotine pivot to crack.
7:10 – pedal five line into xft spinning circle k on the pedal.
The list could go on…
Viki is at the top of his game, managing to juggle the lifestyle of travelling as Red Bull athlete always at the airport to the next show, winning contests and producing video parts like this, an absolute must watch edit that has made a rainy day in Southsea not so bad! Thank you Viki!

Mates Tuček won the 100 psi contest last weekend in Dresden, Germany! Check out his winning final run right here!

Dub put on an amazing Real City Spin contest this weekend in Montreal,Canada. Check out this brand new edit by Lachlan Cameron featuring the likes of Takahiro Ikeda, Dez Maarsen, Matthias Dandois, Yohei Uchino, Jason Plourde, Moto Sasaki, Tsutomu Kitayama, Martti Kuoppa, Alberto Moya, Viki Gomez and many mostly shot in the practise arena.


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