Must Watch – Scott Powell / Decade Anthology: teaser 3


Decade Anthology: teaser 3 from scott powell on Vimeo.

In this day and age of instagram and social media, footage can often get whored out and it doesn’t get the respect it deserves.
Sitting on footage is always a tough one, and I have respect for anyone that can do it until they are happy enough to release their footage with that fear that someone will drop what they have been working on for however long. I am sure you all reading this as flatlanders will know exactly what I am talking about. I don’t have the exact timeline, but I would say Scott has been collecting clips for at least the last year and half working on his “Decade Anthology” part, it is also easy to dismiss this as just decades, when you look deeper there is a lot more going on than just one technique.

With that said, the wait is almost over for the final part that I have been itching to see over the past year. Teaser 3 does not disappoint, infact it begs the question what the hell does he drop in the final part?

Personal Standouts for me:

The opening fire hydrant triple decade with brakes (00:33), and brakeless version at 1:22, the opposite fire hydrant double decade again brakes and brakes versions at 00:39 and 1:16. The multiple upside down decade line is executed perfectly at 1:40, not to mention the fire hydrant brakeless triple decade at 1:22 begs the question is Scott sitting on a quad?!

Hell of a lot of skill an effort has gone into perfecting the skills you just witnessed, respect to Scott Powell for this one! Hitting the replay, I forget to mention the Applecrate to peg to decade without touching the frame, I recall only ever seeing one other person do that, RIP Paul Palmer. Aside from the tricks, this is really well put together, hitting the rewind. What a great start to the week!!

Seiji Sakata diagnosed with Liver Cancer



I am sure many of you reading this, have already seen the sad news that Yohei Uchino shared yesterday. Seiji Sakata has been diagnosed with liver cancer, read on to see what Ucchie had to say, and show your support to Seji! Stay Strong!

“To all riders in the world(Please share)
Our long time friend Seiji Sakata who Wowed the world with a dynamic no-break riding style from 2002 to 2006, was recently diagnosed with liver cancer..
When he went to see a doctor for the first time, the cancer was already as big as 2/3 of his liver and told that the chance of survival was only low%..
Obviously low% chance of survival was a very devastating news to him but he is fighting his battle right now!
When you talk about a difficult situation with Seiji, he always had a way to find a breakthrough and won many contests in the past so I’m sure he can overcome this life threatening challenge against him with a support of fellow riders and friends.
I’m not talking about a miracle but I’m believing in his strength!
So what I would like to ask all of you international friends, is to send him a message to tell him that he is not alone.
Please find “Seiji Sakata” on Facebook and send your words to him so he can fight the battle with you!

This is supporters page!!

Thanks for reading this till the end!

Fumiya Kanna wins Chris Böhm Contest in Cebu, Philippines


Congratulations to Fumiya Kanna from Japan who won the Chris Böhm contest in Cebu, Philippines followed on the podium by Heesung Lee from South Korea and Khaled Huerta from Saudi Arabia in the third place spot. Chris had this to say about the contest, full results and photos below.

“So great feeling. I help us the people for motivation and inspiration. My passion is a mission. The Philippines Riders have so much fun with the Chris Böhm Vibes. Over 40 BMX Riders was there.. and 20 for the Contest. Awesome, all come for me. So proud.”


1: Fumiya Kanna (Japan)
2: Heesung Lee (South Korea)
3: Khaled Huerta (Saudia Arabia)
4: Kevin Meyer (France)
5: Georich Cardino (1.Place national Contest)
6: Arzen Zarate
7: Dwyne Lopena
8: Diodes Tan
9: Kebong Evasco
10: Pepin Marquez
11: Teomale Manuel
12: Paulo Gepulango
13: Rick Martin Cardino
14: Arnold Polacne
15: Andre Dictatoria
16: Loyloy Payupanin
17: Joseph Malon
18: Jeph Dabon
19: Waldemer Cortes
20: Louie Supsup