Dez Maarsen wins Antwerpen City Drops


Congratulations to Dez Maarsen who yesterday took first place at the Antwerpen City Drops contest in Antwerp, Belgium followed on the podium by Martin Drazil and Gino Stuart! Great to see some new contests popping up on the contest calendar this year, hopefully some video footage soon. Props to Gilles van de Sompel organising this one!

Martti Kuoppa Surfer For Life Podcast

Woke up today to a nice surprise, the Surfer For Life Podcast dig deep into Martti Kuoppa’s riding career, from his start in riding through to current day. This is pure gold, don’t miss this! Hit the link below to tune in:

Frank Lukas – Trailer

Frank Lukas – Trailer from Neuland on Vimeo.

I am sure I have said this a million times over the years of running Flatmattersonline, so I am sorry if I sound like a broken record. One of my favourite parts of running the site is the unexpected surprises, not knowing day to day what will be online for the world to see. Frank Lucas just dropped an amazing trailer for an up and coming project that will drop in a couple of weeks, here’s what he had to say about it:

“Here’s the premier teaser for an exclusive upcoming flatland film project I’ve been working on for a few months. I teamed up with @neulandfilms who share the same level of passion for filming, cutting and creating as I have for flatland bmx. This was a big opportunity for me to feature the sport that I love and have been practicing for 25 years in a whole new perspective. When I’m not sitting behind the judges’ table, this is what I’m doing. Still the same Frank Lukas on a small bike – just a little different.”

Spike Jonze – Epicly Later’d

Every so often I like to post something that perhaps does not seem to be flatland related, but it does cross over and you can really take something out of this. I’m a big fan of the Epicly Later’d series and caught this amazing episode with Spike Jonze yesterday, who when I was younger was one of the main photographer’s for Freestylin’ Magazine, now of course he has been awarded an Oscar, countless feature films, but yet still remains grounded to his roots in BMX and Skateboarding. Brilliant insight, grab a cuppa and enjoy this one!