Viki Gomez vs Waldemar Fatkin – Luxembourg Session


Just before Viki flew out to New Orleans for the Voodoo jam, Waldemar Fatkin made the trip to Viki’s home riding spot in Luxembourg! Watching two of the best go back to back outside of the contest light is a real treat, look out Viki’s xft body varial gerator peg wheelie jump to pedal medal to time machine combo at 3:31, and Waldemar’s multiple jump lashes at directly follows Viki’s line! Great vibes here, definitely worth a watch!

25th Anniversary York Jam – September 12th


So much history with the Plywood Hoods and the York jam, the Hoods are celebrating the 25th anniversary although it is technically the 19th edition since a few years were missed. The first York jam went in 1990, get down to the birthplace of modern flatland riding if you can! York, PA is the place to be on September 12th!

Vans US Open Demo FT Matthias Dandois, Martin Aparijo, Gabe Weed and more!

Juan Lopez was on hand to document a sweet flatland demo with so many generations of riders! From Martin Aparijo, Gabe Weed through to Vans rider, Voodoo jam winner Matthias Dandois and many more! Feel the Cali vibe right on the beach in Huntington!

Voodoo Classic by Dub

Voodoo Classic from IGI BMX / FAREAST / DUB on Vimeo

Dub come in hot with this sick Vodooo jam edit, that also doubles up as a Real City Spin hype edit. Here’s what the man himself had to say:

“Combined with the strength of some of the best riders in the World and some superkids from Japan, here is my little Voodoo Jam recap edit! Including full runs from Dez Maarsen, Matthias Dandois, Takahiro Ikeda, Jason Plourde,Viki Gomez, Yu Shoji, Kira Komagata and Toon Pakphum. Please share with your friends who think Flatland is dead and show our heart is pumping strong. Shout out to Scott Brien and Terry Adams for another even sicker edition of Voodoo Jam. Next Stop on the World Circuit is RealCitySpin in Montreal, Canada, August 29-30. Check it ou on IG @realcityspin or facebook/realcityspin

Voodoo Super Kids/ Terry Adams Bike Giveaway + Voodoo Repo!

Voodoo Jam 2015 was all about these amazing kids from japan aged 11 and 13, they rocked the house right before finals! Not only that, one of the moments of the weekend was when Terry Adams gave away his bike in an emotional speech, watch the video you can see what it meant to Connor you had no idea this was going to go down! Hector Garcia just dropped an article about this giveaway, hit the link below: