Minato Sato – Ride on STN

York Uno put together this fresh edit of Minato Sato killing it on board the Ares STN. The mccircle spinning half hiker line around the 00:23 is so rad, this kid kills it!

Old School Sundays – Haro Freestyle Tour

Dave Nourie and Ron Wilkerson throw down at Charlies Bike Shop in 1987 on tour for Haro Bikes. Look out for spinning miami hopper around the 6:00 mark from Dave Nourie.

Silicon Valley Has Lost Its Way. Can Skateboarding Legend Rodney Mullen Help It?

The skater-philosopher: Mullen takes the stage at TEDxUSC to expound on the connection between skating and hacking.

Every so often I come across an interesting Rodney Mullen article or video that has parallels with flatland riding and the process of riding flatland. Wired magazine recently published this article entitled “Silicon Valley Has Lost Its Way. Can Skateboarding Legend Rodney Mullen Help It?”.

This is a long article, this paragraph in particular stood out to me:

“Three days later, as we sipped green tea on the balcony of the Redondo Beach home he shares with his girlfriend, Mullen expanded on his distaste for how avarice has altered skating. “Don’t frickin’ skate in front of the camera, don’t practice in front of the camera, don’t friggin’ publish it on YouTube every time you get a new trick—it’s not about that,” he said as he gazed at the setting sun through wraparound shades. “If you do it for the sake of loving it, and you don’t care whether you’re seen or not, or paid or not, all that stuff will come. But enjoy the process! If you start doing things for the sake of selling up front, for rewards, then it’s going to catch up to you. The other guys not chasing money are going to outdo you in the end, because real innovation and grit come from loving the process.”


Renz Viaje – Full Back

Renz Viaje has been putting in some work on the back wheel, the backwards spinning xft ice cream around the 1:40 mark is sick! Hit play!

Must Watch! Mateus Beckmann – My Style / Part 3

I’ve been waiting on this Part 3 edit in the series of Mateus Beckmann “My style” edits. And as you’d expect, Mateus delivers a ton of new creative hammers with a loose concept based around the whopper, so many original combos I haven’t seen before, the multiple 180 manual g turns to whopper pedal to pedal is incredible at 3:29, not to mention the one handed kick flip hitch at 3:42 and the ender! You definitely don’t want to miss this!

Giannis Caternellis – Freestyler #9

Giannis Caternellis is back with yet another amazing edit that mixes various different genres with his own creative ideas. You can see anything from upside down megaspin on the seat, Chinese ejector boomerang to bar flip cliff, and much more! This is well worth a watch!

Takuji Kasahara on igiBMX


Takuji Kasahara just got added to the igiBMX bandwagon crew, as they embark on a tour of South America. Here is the press release:

“IGI BMX is stoked to welcome Takuji Kasahara to the team.
Taku is a World Citizen and traveler originally from a small village named Asahikawa on the northern island of Japan named Hokaido.
He has traveled the World extensively including places as far as Australia, Chile, Canada, Abu Dhabi and many others, many describe him as underground but he’s been out there working flatland and pumping out original switches for over a decade.
Warm welcome to Taku from the IGI Bandwagon crew Jason Plourde, Tyler Gilliard, Benjamin Hudson and DUB.
Welcome Edit coming soon!”

Luca Contoli – Combo 2015

Luca Contoli sent in this nice back wheel combo the other day, but it was formatted right so he got back to us with youtube clip for all to see. Really nice back wheel line crossing over side to side, even using the pedal which is something you don’t normally see, give this one a watch! I hope to see a full edit from this guy in the future!

Mates Tuček – Lost clips

Mates Tuček out of Prague, Czech Republic just put together this sweet Lost Clips edit featuring a bunch of contest footage from the archives, hit play!

Vibrations Urbaines #17 ~ Part 1 & 2

Christopher Smith over at Valleyside Distro in Wales hit me up with two edits from the 2014 Vibrations Urbaines #17. Featuring great riding from Kevin Nikulski, Kevin Jacob, Thomas Noyer and many more. Enjoy!