Must Watch: Hangin’ on – A Heresy Mixtape



Edit wise the flatland world has been quiet for a while, and then BOOM! We have been blessed with two must watch edits in a week. And boy, is this a treat from arguably the most progressive flatland team worldwide.
New footage from George Manos, Matthieu Bonnecuelle, Michael Hussey, Alexis Desolneux, Sebastian Grubinger, and Peter Olsen in a mixtape format put together by Sevisual.
It’s a winner, I will digesting this one for a while.

Must Watch: Viki Gomez / Rise

Viki Gomez / RISE from Viki Gomez on Vimeo.

It’s been a while since a Must Watch edit on the site, Viki Gomez just came through with this amazing “Rise” edit put together by Sevisual. Viki’s depth of skill, and variety is just absolutely amazing, this was filmed in two months!!
Some of you will have seen some of the footage on instagram, but there is some unseen footage to add some extra spice..

That ender…. rather than a heavy trick description. Let’s discuss this one in the comments section…

Edmonton Mini Jam 2021

Cory Fester hosted a mini jam in Edmonton on the July long weekend. Riders from Vancouver and Saskatoon came out to reconnect now that COVID rules are loosening in Canada.

Riders in order of appearance: Francois Debroux, Joey Kyllo, Brandon Derbowka, Percy Marshall, Pete Olsen and Cory Fester.

Props to Joey Kyllo for putting this together, looks like a fun weekend.

Flatland Contest Los Tratados de Córdoba: 21st August

Arturo Contreras got in contact with some international contest news, he is organising a BIG contest in Mexico on 21st August, ”Flatland Contest Los Tratados de Córdoba”.

“We hope the participation of 60 Mexican riders and 5 to 10 international riders from USA, Holland, Brazil, Paraguay, and many from South America and Europe to confirm shortly. Looking forward to contest footage from this one.

Renaud Laspeyres 2021

Do yourself a favour, grab a cuppa and take a couple of minutes out of your day to enjoy Renaud Laspeyres’ fresh new edit. Filmed and edited by the talented Pokemon in Toulouse and Hinx, France. I have long been a fan of Renaud’s back wheel riding, and in this edit, he attacks the front wheel too as well as tearing the back wheel a new one.