Alex Jumelin vs Raphael Chaquet – Flat the Power Battle


FLAT THE POWER ! from Nomadeshop on Vimeo.

Alex Jumelin went head to head with Raphael Chiquet at the Oz Club in St Denis, Paris on Friday 29th April with Matthias Dandois also making an appearance. Hit play to see what went down in this highlights edit by the Nomadeshop.

Soulcycle Championship highlights

Wouter van der Linde is on point with updates from the Soulcycle Championships in Amsterdam, Holland this weekend. A few of you commented that you had trouble watching the final 4 man battle, this should be fine.

Riders in order of appearance:
-Jorrit van Drumpt
-Etienne Giraud
-Gino Stuart
-Sietse van Berkel
-Gilles van de Sompel
-David Hoffman
-Dez Maarsen
-Dominik Nekolny