Must Watch – Sebastian Keep / Walls

Amazing behind the scenes footage of Tall Order’s Sebastian Keep embark on a mission to find the biggest wall rides possible on set ups that for 99% of BMX do not exist. Baz is that 1%, as the project grows you can see how they learn from each set up, check the size of the last ramp used compared to the first used. Here’s what Baz had to say:

Photo: George Marshall.

“The idea started with lets take 2 small ramps to the city centres to jump off multi storey car parks and bridges land on buildings and wall ride down them. We knew that what we were doing wasn’t exactly legal so we decided to wear high vis jackets and hard hats and try our best to disguise ourselves as road workers so that people would leave us alone and It worked!
The spots we found on Google earth were bigger than we anticipated
and so we tried to build practice set ups to help get used to the gaps.

At the spot in Croydon nobody knew if it was possible to ride down 20 feet of vertical wall and after speaking to various pro riders who didn’t have an answer for us we decided to try it…

This video tells the story of how we rolled into city centres in the early hours disguised as builders with vans holding huge ramps set them up and filmed our attempts at some of the biggest wall rides we could find…”

Must Watch – Steve Mulder 2016 Clips

STEVE MULDER 2016 CLIPS from mulderflat on Vimeo.

We have started the new year with some absolute banging edits, and it continues here with Steve Mulder’s 2016 clips filmed in his futuristic looking garage riding spot. I have said it before and ail, no doubt say it again. Steve Mulder is one of the best to ever touch a 20″ BMX Bike, period.

From the opening two clips, regular and opposite I was glued to the screen. The edit just keeps getting better, the following bar backwards 1 and half hang glider to steam at 00:28 is so well executed!

00:54, the half lash to macaroni to smith is just a thing of beauty! Absolute next level bike skills right here!

1:06, 5 brakeless hang gliders done like he could do ten more without breaking a sweat.

1:15, half lash jump to xft backwards peg wheelie backwards rolaid out! (Featured this a few days on the FM instagram page!)

1:23, Steve has been doing this move for years and still it is untouched! Peg wheelie 360 hand job to switch-b, now I mention it you could say that about almost all of Steve’s riding. Skills to pay the bills, nice length to this edit, great tune that made my day a whole lot better! Thank you Steve!

Moto Sasaki – Inspire

MOTO SASAKI from inspire on Vimeo.

Moto Sasaki met up the crew at Inspire to talk about how he got into riding, making the move to competing at international competitions, winning the Nora Cup twice, and battling a reoccurring hernia injury and much more. This is a fantastic, intriguing documentary with one of the best to ever touch a 20″ bike.

Must Watch – Keelan Phillips / Nozza Life

I have a lot of respect for riders who take a trick and push that move as far as they possibly can, the results are often amazing and truly help push our sport forward. Most recently, Hidenori Ishizaki continues to push the backwards backyard position as far as possible in his amazing ZAI12 that we featured just a few days ago and today…

Keelan Phillips continues to push the multiple nose manual g-turn to new horizons that was filmed in,as always with edits that I give the “Must Watch” tag I like to highlight what stood out for me.

00:19: Nose Manual fire hydrant whip one kick vadar scuff nose 360 whiplash to spinning half hiker, the execution and aesthetics of this line are so point!

00:42: Half cab nose to 1080 g turn nose fire hydrant whip vadar out. Arms of steel!

00:51: Possibly my favourite line, long carved nose wind into 360 nose vadar scuff to multiple ET nose g turns kicking the tyre on each 360 whip to spinning cliff to down whip tail whip out!

1:43: This line is so complex, multiple nose g turns without scuffs, then with, flow and style for days!Amazing edit that I have had to watch several times already to describe what he’s doing, thanks for this one Keelan! 2017 is already going off!

Throwback Thursdays – Dane Beardsley / Same Thing Daily 3

With the amount of content that comes through day to day, a year now seems a long time to me. This week’s TBT goes to Dane Beardsley, one of the most underrated riders in the game. Check out his amazing Same Thing Daily 3 part, the no handed backwards death truck line at 2:19 is so good!