Throwback Thursdays: Effraim Catlow / Ride UK Rear Wheel Drive Videopart


It’s not too often I showcase my own riding on Flatmattersonline, so today we have a special treat from the archives for this weeks Throwback.
We go back to the Ride UK “Rear Wheel Drive” video put together by Steve Bartholomew who you recall ran the Clicked Video Magazine.
As my memory recalls we started filming this part in the summer of 2001, and the video came out in spring of 2002.
This video showcases my flatland riding, but also some ramp and concrete clips from Southsea Skatepark. From no handed tailwhip nosepicks, to g-turn cowboy flip variations, to the ender which I am still proud of to this day.

Thanks to Steve for sending this over, stoked to tach this again after so many years.

Episode 65: Flatmattersonline Exclusive with Todd Carter



What’s everybody, with a spring in all our steps. It’s time to get back to two exclusives a week, flatland lifer, Todd Carter stepped up for episode 65 to deliver a super smooth switch foot ankledeath type ride in to guillotine into spinning lard yard, finishing the line with a two footed backyard pivot out at his home riding spot.
As Todd warms up for the AFA Dream run contest shortly coming up, he’s looking smoother than ever, and I’m loving the progression he’s been showing lately on his social media.
Who would have thought Mr nice guy, Todd Carter would be that guy to break the rules of a FM exclusive.
Thanks for contributing Todd, whose got episode 66? Dropping Sunday….

Rest in Peace: Dave Beveridge


Last week the sad news that Dave Beveridge has passed away broke, and I have to be honest it’s taken me a few days to get to grips with this heartbreaking news.

I grew up seeing Dave ride regularly at the UKBFA contests, he rode for Vincent Frames at the time.
Dave lived in Burgess Hill, just outside Brighton here on the south coast of the U.K.
One of my earliest memories, was seeing a sequence of Dave in BMX Action Bike doing a boomerang variation called the “swash buckle”. I remember going outside my parents house and learning that trick, and incorporating into my flatland routines for a while after that.
A few years later, we had a fortnightly BMX club in Petersfield. A lot of big name riders would visit the club from all over the south coast, Dave was one of those riders who attended, and he was always encouraging to me personally, and he laughed that I had learnt the “swash buckle”.

Dave was also one of the riders that I personally recognised as being good at both flatland and ramps from a young age. He kept in tune with both regularly making trips to South Bank to ride flatland at the weekends, or equally he would be seen at Chingford blasting the vert, and that’s super hard to do.
Dave loved BMX, and even when he stopped competing, he would always regularly attend events, King of Concrete, Backyard jams, Cologne all spring to mind.
The last time I rode with Dave was at the Flatmatters jam in 2012 in Hulme, Manchester. I was stoked to see he still had the flatland hunger, he talked about making the trip to the states during the winter to keep on progressing, from my memories as a kid watching Dave I was stoked to see the fire still burning bright…

We have lost a true BMX lifer, condolences to his family & friends from within the BMX community and outside.

Rest in peace Dave.

Effraim Catlow / Flatmattersonline

Episode 64: Flatmattersonline Exclusive with Gabriel Alves Gomes


I love surprises at Flatmattersonline HQ, when it comes to exclusives. A new face to me, Gabriel Alves Gomes comes through with a banger for episode 64!
From the smooth execution on the hand scuff backyard to the no-handed gliding lard yard/gerator/dick trick (whatever you care to call it), and sealing the deal with a steep brakeless smith decade. The exit is so important in flatland, and can really finish off a nice line, and turn into a great line.
The brakeless smith when executed properly is a real riders trick, separating the men from the boys, and Gabriel out of Brazil certainly stomped his authority on this clip. Super stoked!

Thanks Gabriel for contributing, look forward to seeing more from the Brazilian shredder.
Episode 65 will drop on Wednesday, hold tight!

Old School Sundays with Kevin Jones

This week we go back to 1987, and pivotal moment in the history of flatland. Kevin Jones and his AFA Masters run in 19 & Over Expert from Austin, Texas dropping the puppet, the crank-a-roni, elephant glide and gliding locomotive in his run , not to mention the way the run is linked together. Game changer!