Flatland returns to the X-Games: Practise Footage


It’s been a couple of weeks since the X-Games in Chiba, Japan! I had a couple of clips left on my phone from practise, from two days of filming during practise. Featuring the winner Kio Hayakawa, Terry Adams, Moto Sasaki, Yohei Uchino, and alternate Yu Katagiri who didn’t get to compete sadly.

Great to see flatland back at the X Games!

Terry Adams & Mickey Gaidos: Don’t Think – Feel | A BMX Mini Doc


The majority of times I post here on FM, the videos are about tricks. This mini doc hits different, where the focus is on friendship, spirit, two friends Terry Adams & Mickey Gaidos pushing each other and how that’s affected their lives. Great job on this one, Andrew Simmons!

Arnold South America Sport Festival: Brazil 2022

Arnold South America sport festival is a big event which has like godfather none other than Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Edu 7 an oldschool rider placed together the Flatland contest (Duelo Flatland BMX) on this second edition. Vídeo edit by “Ktrak” who is an amateur flat rider.

1*Bruno Zebu
2*Romulo Guerra
3*Matheus Silva
4*Pedro Nascimento

Scott Powell: Chenga Session

Brant Moore was recently passing through Chenga with the Work BMX team, and got to witness the Scott Powell show. One of the comments watching this stood out to me, about flatland being much more impressive in real life. I heard that a lot with the street riders at the Chiba X Games. Enjoy this quick edit when you get a moment!

The Kio Hayakawa Flatmattersonline Year End Award Interview

Intro/Interview: Effraim.
Photography: Kio Hayakawa & Hikaru Funya.

Kio Hayakawa!! This young talent from Japan is making big waves in the global flatland scene. I met Kio for the first time at the X Games in Chiba, Japan and it was obvious the man is on a mission. Riding more than anyone else at the contest, and so consistent on all his new tricks. It’s kind of daunting to see, and I would imagine even more daunting for his competitors.
There is something wonderfully pure about his riding, and his work ethic. It’s kind of cheesy to say the future is bright for Kio, because he’s already here as is proven by his X-Games gold medal. He kicked the door down, and shouted loud and clear his intentions. His riding does the talking, hammers getting dropped with an amazing consistent ratio.. Let’s get into this interview with two years in a row Flatmattersonline Rider of the Year, and of course X Games Gold Medalist, welcome to the Kio Hayakawa Interview…..

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