Mateus Beckmann – 2nd place / Flatchê 2014

Mateus Beckman took second place at the Flatchê contest in Brazil, check out his amazing runs right here!

Lamf – Paradise City at Kobe


Kotaro Arai, Tatsuya Hori, Hironao Doko met up on summer vacation in the paradise city of Kobe, Japan. This is awesome, hit play!

Tokai Twelve

I posted a short edit from the Tokai twelve contest a few days ago, check out this extensive coverage from the event! Good times!

Bikepark La Traba – Madrid Spain

BIKEPARK LA TRABA from VisualShakers on Vimeo.

You may remember a while back we posted some news about the Madrid locals trying to save their local park. Varo Hernandez sent in this edit with the news that it the park is now gone. Here is what he had to say:

“I would like to inform you that La Traba, the biggest bikepark in Spain, has been destroyed today by the mayor of Madrid.. All the spanish bmx scene is so sad about it, but we are going to keep fighting to build a new one”

Good luck fighting for the new park!!!

Jeremy Brosset wins Urban Plagne contest in France!

Jeremy Brosset won the Urban Plagne contest held ski station in the French alps “la Plagne”, congratulations Jeremy, followed on the Podium by Remy Dunoyer and Romain Dodelier. This event was held on Wedensday, this is an event to diverted tourists during their vacations. Hopefully some footage soon..

Saku Kaarnanen – Operation: Flaming Star

Saku Kaarnanen 2014… Operation: Flaming Star from Saku Kaarnanen on Vimeo.

As the title says, Saku Kaarnanen sessions inside a star in flames, enjoy this short edit!

Throwback Thursdays with Matthias Dandois

Untitled from Matthias Dandois on Vimeo.

Lost footage from five years ago that Matthias dropped two years ago, this may have gone over most people’s radar so if you missed this one. Definitely hit play!! So good!!

Dax Wolford – Aug ’14 Shreveport

Dax just moved to Shreveport, Louisiana and just put together this awesome edit, full of trubines front and back wheel, well worth a watch! Keep on shredding Dax!

Tim Knoll – Knoll Roll How-to

Tim Knoll is back with his unique how to series, hit play to listen and watch Tim explain the “Knoll Roll”…

Must Watch! Shintaro Misawa – free #10

So many intricate switches in this brand new “free #10″ from Shintaro Misawa, I got to hit the rewind to understand what just happened!! Do not miss the amazing progression of Shintaro!!!