100 PSI Contest – September 1st

Dustyn Alt hit me up last night with the details for the up and coming 100 PSI Contest in Dresden, Germany on 1st September. This event always looks fun, get there if you can…

With hard tires, BMX riders from all over Germany and Europe will bring their flatland art to the Elbe on September 1st. Under the motto “BMX Flatland Contest on Asphalt”, what began 30 years ago in parking lots in California will now be carried to the city of Dresden for the seventh time.
As in previous years, the contest area is a 400 m² asphalt area in the middle of the city, with a direct view of the Dresden City Hall. So the drivers have ideal conditions for hot tricks on the tarmac and to present the Dresden audience a completely different form of cycling.
The competition is divided into two classes: amateurs and professionals. Every rider has two runs, which are considered the better run. It starts with the practice of the amateurs at 13:00 clock. The final of the pros will take place around 18:00. The winners of the professional class beckons this year a prize money of 600 €. The amateurs are motivated with thick material prizes to show their tricks.
In the evening, the award ceremony is celebrated, directly in Dresden’s trendy Neustadt district, in the Club Ostpol! So heat tires and not stingy with tricks, dear flatland community. See you in Dresden!

Jean William Prevost wins Battle at the Border

Congratulations to MR Alien glide himself, Jean William Prevost taking the win yesterday at the Battle at the Border contest in Buffalo, New York, Dub was followed on the podium by young ripper, Etienne Bergeron and Dax Wolford rounding out the top three.

Congratulations to Shaun Lapsley brothers, Danny Sirkin in the second place spot, third place AM went to Will Smith. I don’t have the full results from the contest, will update as they come through.

Must Watch – Jean William Prevost & The Alien Glide

Jean William Prévost : The Alien Glide from IGI BMX on Vimeo.

Back to back Must Watch videos from Jean William Prevost, you all no doubt watched Puro Flat 2 and probably saw the photos of Dub’s no handed gliding two footed death truck doing the rounds on social media and wondered where is the footage? Well, you did not have to wait long, and this trick is so good I think it deserves to be singled out on it’s own so you can appreciate it, and it’s not lost in a full part. Dub is definitely an alien, fitting name for the move!

Cory Fester – Garage Sessions

garage sessions from cory fester on Vimeo.

When I posted the Cory Fester 16 days throwback a couple of weeks ago, I was not expecting to see a visual response but it looks like it’s kick started something within Cory. It is not often I say this anymore, Cory is like one of those ultimate video riders dudes, and like the 16 Days edit he used this “garage sessions” edit to get himself back up to speed. The rumour mill has been going for the past few weeks about Cory sitting on footage for 8 years, I can’t even imagine what he is sitting on, but what almost stokes me out the most is he has a riding spot for the winter. Like a fine wine Cory, take your time buddy and I can’t wait to see what he comes up with for this solo video part. This edit builds and builds as you see his skills improving with each clip, I love the last line a remix of Michael Sommer’s infamous back peg varial to half hiker, Cory puts his own flavour on it. Cory stole the internet today, respect!

Sietse Van Berkel wins Round 2 Master of Creativity

Congratulations to Sieste Van Berkel who won the second round of the Master of Creativity contest followed by Moto Sasaki and Raphael Chiquet. The top ten made it through to final round, which will be a “best trick round”. Good luck everyone, head over to the Master of Creativity instagram for all the videos, amazing level.