Must Watch – Toon Pakphum / Shadow Practise


Toon Pakphum is two years deep into his coaching lessons with Martti Kuoppa and boy does it look like it is paying off. I have a lot of respect for anyone who takes the effort of training over and over to be dialled. It is great feeling to know you have tricks on lock, at any point of the day and Toon is one of those riders as he looks to break into what I call the elite group of pro’s currently dominating the contest scene. I love to see someone carrying the fight, and Toon is most certainly doing that.
From the first line onwards I was memorized by his consistency, his head barely moving, total bike control right here.

Some of the highlights for me:

00:57: The multiple stem boomerangs, attacking it!

1:18: the brakeless crack 360 flip to steam, notice how quick he is from jump to the tyre. Amazing technique.

2:21: The backwards boomerang to half packer that just goes on and on.

2:57: The last line is a belter, again its too long to name the whole combination of tricks. Just watch this and think about the dedication and hours it has taken for Toon to get to this level. And now he is firmly knocking on the Podium spot door…

Terry Adams Spacebrothers Podcast


Photo: Matt Coplon.

Kip Williamson and Chip Riggs run an amazing podcast called “Spacebrothers”. Terry Adams is the latest rider on the show, pretty much everything is covered here from getting riding permit at the Hobby Lobby, hustling sponsorship and magazine covers, battling Matthias Dandois and a while lot more. Really enjoyed this one!

Hit the link below:

Veres BMX Flatland Contest / 24th November 2018

Rob Alton is busy organising the annual Veres BMX Flatland Contest on the 24th November out in Hungary. Located at Triangolo, Veresegyhaz, 2112 Sazdai Utca 7, the event has School, AM and Pro classes and a Mega spin battle which sounds a lot of fun. Fancy a road trip to one of the best flatland scenes in Europe? This one is for you!

Peep the trailer:

Flatmattersonline How to: episode one. How to front peg balance.

Hello everyone,

I am getting a few requests to show more how to’s on Flatmattersonline and not only high level riding. So I figured I would branch out with my flatland coaching sessions to instagram, then Youtube. Today I launch episode one of the Flatmattersonline how to, where I describe how to do the balancing stage of the front wheel peg balance to one of my students at my Eastney flatland sessions. Enjoy and have learning flatland.

1. The obvious to begin with, have a bmx bike with pegs. (Here Arthur borrowed my bike).

2. Turn the handlebars at a 90 degree position, notice how Arthur is stood at the beginning of the video.

3. To begin balancing, put your left foot on the peg, left hand on left grip and have your right foot on the floor sideways next to the tyre.

4. Elevate your right foot to the middle of front tyre with your left foot on the front peg.

5. As you elevate your right foot,try to be relaxed and move your foot slightly up and down on the tyre to create the balance point. (refer to Arthur’s technique on video).

The key to learning the front peg balance is to get the following points aligned at the same time, relaxed with point 5, stand up straight, helps also have a focus point to look down (normally the stem/ this may different according to your stance and height).

6. Once you learnt to balance one handed, once you are comfortable. The next stage is no handed balance, use your left leg against the bar to hold the balance point make sure you stood up straight as possible and slowly take your hands off the bars.* it’s really important to remember to keep as still as possible on this trick. Refer to the video, and let us know how you get on.

Flatland is a puzzle, learn to balance first, we shall be back shortly with a how to ride in and out. Then a whole world of flatland fun awaits you! Good luck everybody, tag us when you can balance. Have fun! #bmx #flatland #howtobmx #flatmattersonline #flatmatters #bmxflatland #flatlandbmx

*Arthur appears with permission from his mum.

Talking All things UK Champs with Davis Dudelis

After we got wrapped up with a session on the Friday at the UK Flatland Championships at the Cycle Expo, in Harrogate, Yorkshire. Matti Hemmings wanted me to interview Davis Dudelis as a bit of pre hype for the event, as it turns out the Wifi wasn’t the best and when I got home my laptop died once again so I am little late uploading this.
Considering I had no preparation going into this, I am pretty happy about how this turned out, we discuss Davis’ hilarious party antics, the nose manual world record, his flat street style, struggling with motivation, what he thinks about the UK, why he always comes back to the UK Flatland Champs, his favourite Matti Hemmings quote on the mic and much more. This was good fun, so thought I would post it.

Throwback Thursdays with Intrikat Blend

When you look back at all Chad Johnston has done for flatland and the riders that featured and made their names on his videos, the man deserves some kind of award. This morning I started watching Intrikat Blend again for the first time in a while and it immediately took me back to that era of riding, with amazing riding from Martti Kuoppa, Ross Smith, Phil Dolan, Andrew Arroyo, Jesse Puente, Matt Ward, Ed Nussbaum, and Chad himself. The whole video flows like a mixtape, I would urge you to watch the whole thing, inspiration. Thank you Chad for everything you have done for the flatland culture if you are reading this.