Must Watch – Matthias Dandois / The Flat Side Of Things 4


Matthias Dandois digs deep in this amazing “The Flat Side Of Things 4” filmed on the road in between shows and contests in Filmed in Paris, Cologne, Huntington Beach and Hossegor with a tripod and a smartphone.

As always with Must Watch edits I like to highlight some of my favourite parts…

00:26: the fastplant 180 line that ends with an amazing signature MD spinning switch handed one handed steam step to crack!

1:46: the body english on the pumping no handed halfpacker whip to halfpacker out just to seal the deal! Absolutely unreal, this one defies all physics!

2:54: Steam jump over frame to tea kettle glide into opposite xft halfpacker pivot spinning hitch, love the foot positioning to make the last pivot switch smoothly!

3:26: steam jump backwards spinning frame tomahawk 360 varial to crack! No words needed!

3:50: possibly my favourite line of the edit! Rolling front yard turbine no handed 360 boomerang to right side halfpacker, been waiting to see this one! Wow!!

4:10: and the banger is absolutely ridiculous. Matthias just one upped his best trick banger from the Bike days, adding a pendulum so the crazy jump from xft coasting backyard, pushing it further!

Of course all the tricks are bangers, there were a few of my favourites! Pretty sure this one will be doing the rounds for the next few weeks, top stuff Matthias! Let it be said a proper athlete, that spends his year on the road, competes at the highest level and is still pushing out the video parts and take our sport/artform up a level! Merci
Matthias, today is a great day!

Denes Katona – Over 8 Bar contest / Komárom Hungary


Denes Katona footage is rare these days and that’s a good thing. Always excited and appreciate seeing what this rolling god has to offer and this run from the recent Over 8 Bar contest in Komárom, Hungary is absolutely amazing and deserves your attention. Respect Denes!

Scott Powell – Down Under —- LEFT

Down Under — LEFT from scott powell on Vimeo.

Scott Powell just dropped a part from his “Landscapes” filming and explains all…

“2 years ago Simon O’Brien asked me to contribute a video part for his full feature “Landscapes.” Highly honored to be asked to participate in one of his projects, I accepted and began filming. Realizing that my riding would be showcased besides Simon and Viki — both master-riders — i knew that I had my work cut out for me. While filming I had 2 goals in mind: first, I knew that I had to “think out side of the box” in order to provide a good riding style contrast from Simon and Viki. Second, instead of being limited to only decades, I decided to incorporate them into a widely diverse group of tricks with hopes of displaying a more diverse mastery of the bike.
I have split and re-edited the footage that I submitted for Simon’s “Landscapes” Here is the first of two re-finished projects.
Special Thanks to Thaiger Adanoldo for camera work.”

Jean William Prevost wins Fise in Budapest

Congratulations to Jean William Prevost taking the second Fise win in a row at Stop 2 in Budapest, Hungary followed by Moto Sasaki and Alex Jumelin. You can the top 3 runs above and the whole finals if you wish….

1st Jean William Prevost
2nd Moto Sasaki
3rd Alex Jumelin
4th Matthias Dandois
5th Benjamin Hudson
6th Adam Kun

R.I.P Jason Brown

Today I received the tragic news that Jason Brown took his life and is no longer with us, truly heartbroken right now and in total shock. Jason did a lot for me during the late 90’s, Canadians Eh, Five Combos, and a lot of fun times riding together at the X Trials/X Games. Gone way too early, a great man! R.I.P Jason Brown. My heart goes to all his friends,family and the flatland community he did so much for!