Gurvan Le Broc – Pro Rider from France 2015


GURVAN LE BLOC'H BMX FLAT PRO RIDER FROM FRANCE 2015 from Gurvan Le Bloc'h on Vimeo.

At 17 years old, Gurvan Le Broc after 4 years riding already made the move up to the Pro Class in France, check this hot new edit out that looks like it is filmed at the same spots as Fabien Stephan rides at. One to watch for the future!

UK Flatland Championships by 1WM


You could liken the UK flatland scene to a sleeping giant, plenty of talent all over the country but nowhere to showcase it. That changed with the vision of Matti Hemmings to try and get flatland included into the Cycle Show at the Birmingham NEC. Matti invited me to get involved and help with the organisation and promotion of the event, from our perspective anything that happened during the weekend was a bonus as before nothing has happened in years.
We are happy to say the event was a success, few lessons learnt and we plan on holding a series of events next year, thanks for everyones support! Lets do this, hit play and soak up the UK vibe! Thanks Jason Forde for this awesome edit, especially as he didn’t plan on filming!

Riders featured:
Josh Briars, Pinoski, Keelan Phillips, James White, Alex Jumelin, Matthias Dandois, and Martti Kuoppa.

Phil Brunet – Six pack of tricks

Lets get kick off Sundays posts with this sweet new “Six pack of tricks” edit by Terradome local Phil Bruner. I had the pleasure to ride with Phil a few years back at the Guru jam and happy to say he has progressed a lot both in tricks and style. Look out for forward rope two footed footed backyard to forwards death truck line at 2:08!