Episode 25: Flatmattersonline Exclusives with Romulo Guerra



It’s that time of the week, we are now on Episode 25 of the Flatmattersonline exclusives!
It is super rad when riders send in exclusives without even being asked, and Romulo Guerra from Brazil was one of those dudes to step up.
I have been stoked on Romulo’s riding for a long time, and it was awesome to meet him last year in Cologne.
Super smooth inside rolling styles filmed at this backyard riding spot in Brazil, thank you Romulo for contributing towards the culture.

Who’s got episode 26? Dropping Wednesday 5pm GMT…..

Varo Hernandez: Instagram Compilation / Jan May 2020

Varo Hernandez is currently working on a new part, the Covid 19 pandemic however had other ideas, and has slowed down Varo’s chance to get the part done. In the meantime, he just published a compilation of his riding from January till may including his FM exclusive. Worth watching especially if you aren’t on instagram and miss all these clips.

Episode 24: Flatmattersonline Exclusive with James McGraw


It’s that time of the week, welcome back!
Episode 24 is already upon us, and James McGraw has been sitting on this rad clip for a couple of weeks now. I don’t know what was harder for him, the opening double inside switch-b turbine out to switch foot peg wheelie filmed at this backyard riding spot or keeping the clip off line (insert sarcasm). Anyone who knows James will know what I am talking about..

Thanks James for contributing towards the culture. Who’s got the next clip? Episode 25 drops this Sunday 5pm GMT….

King of Concrete 1999 Open Practise

Chris Carter just sent this this rad blast from the past, open practise from the 1999 King of Concrete at Southsea Skatepark featuring the likes of Alex Jumelin, Martti Kuoppa, Michael Sommer, Gernot Ibounig, (myself) Effraim Catlow, Sam Foakes, Lee Musselwhite, Chris Carter,James Needham, and so many more riders. As you will see, the sessions were so busy!

Episode 23: Flatmattersonline Plywood Hoods Exclusive with Brett Downs & James White


Welcome back, it’s time for q Flatmattersonline special exclusive this week brought to you by Plywood Hood Brett Downs and UK Honorary member, James White to celebrate the birthdays this week of Kevin Jones, and Mark Eaton!
After Steffen Peter’s 20th episode, I wanted to reach out to different sections of riders across the board, and also react a little but with what’s currently going on in the flatland world. Hence this Plywoods Hoods special, we can’t thank Kevin and Mark enough for their contribution to flatland, but we can celebrate it and show our respect to the Hoods!

I’ve had a few issues with copyright the last couple of weeks, and it reared it’s ugly head again with James’ chosen track from the Dorkin’ videos. If you experience problems with the track being muted, I have uploaded the link to Vimeo.

Thanks Brett and James for contributing, who’s got episode 24?

Link below if you are having trouble with the Youtube version: