Must Watch! Mateus Beckmann – SAMPA BMX MB Frame Promo


In terms of the flatland/street crossover it’s of course debatable, but I would say no one right now is as progressive in that style of riding than this young prodigy from Brazil, Mateus Beckmann!

5:30 of fresh flat/skatepark footage that leaves you scratching your head, is there anything this young talent cannot do.

I’m already on the fourth watch before I posted this, some of the highlights so far include:

-180 hop backwards manual junkyard line at 00:26.
-The x-fted BB manual to decade out of the two footed backyard line at 1:36.
-The huge 5 off flat bank half cab whip out around 2:18.
-Inward direction half bar flip decade at 2:37

I could go on, definitely worth watching this young prodigy do his thing and kill it hard on all terrain. Motivational!

Viki Gomez – 1st Place / Bike Days Final 2016


I’ve been waiting to see Viki Gomez’s final run from the 2016 Bike Days contest in Solothurn, Switzerland and here it is! Including the bonus round to top up your score with best trick nailed first time no less, this well worth a watch!

Watch all the rest of the runs here: