Must Watch – Austin Luberda / Autumn Flow


Starting the week off with a banger with Austin Luberda, I have had the pleasure over the last five years at Battle in the Rockies of watching Austin come through the ranks from Amateur to now modern day a top professional rider that has a shot of taking the win every time he competes.

If you are familiar with Austin’s riding, which I hope you are. You will be aware the man is blessed with natural flow, over the last few years Austin has added his own style and unique lines and movements to this flow. This edit “Autumn flow” hits hard from the very beginning and contains a scary pivot move that Austin makes look easy (which I will talk about in a moment. As with Must watch edits as I didn’t really talk about James Whites’ last video I will resort back to familiar territory and highlight what I liked about this edit.

1:07: The flow and the intricate switches in this line, caboose body varial without kicking and ending in the x-ft straddle pedal time machine! Super good!

2:14: Lung spin / one handed time machine body varials without touching the tyre. I don’t believe I have seen this variation done before and always with Austin’s riding, so stylish!

3:05: For me the move of the edit and something I was thinking I would never see, if you learnt the scuffing version of this back in the day you will know how difficult this is. Austin of course in 2018 is doing this junkyard turbine blindside body varial to time machine (switch handed) without a hint of scuffing. One of the moves of the year right here! Take a bow Austin, blown away!

Ten Years of Flatmattersonline – Ask me a question?

This time next week marks 10 years of Flatmattersonline as a website, I am planning on a whole bunch of exclusive content for next week and one of the ideas that literally just came to me was to flip the script for a change.
So it’s your turn.. the readers of Flatmattersline to ask me a question and I will pick the best ones an answer them next week here on the site. Get your thinking hats on and fire away in the comments section.

Alex Jumelin Interview by Lionel Cardoso

Lionel Cardoso sat down recently with flatland lifer, Alex Jumelin for this exclusive interview with the focus being around Alex now being 40 years old and arguably in the form of his riding career. How is he doing that, what steps and sacrifices is he making? Hit play, grab a cuppa (coffee in Alexis case) and go and subscribe to Lionel’s channel. Really enjoyed this!

Episode 4: How to BMX Flatland / How to Backwards Peg Wheelie

Hello everyone!

Back from Colorado and back to my second home at Southsea Skatepark. What better place to get Episode 4 of my how to BMX flatland series done, today I teach you how to backwards peg wheelie on a rare dry November’s day in Southsea.