Decade of Flatland: 2010/2020 / Part 3


Intro/Article: Effraim.
Photos: Veren Luka, Sevisual, Albero Moya, other photographers unknown.

I have had a great response to the first couple of parts to this Decade of Flatland article I have been sharing over the past of couple of weeks whether comments on the site or private messages. This week for Part 3, I catch up with Heresy rider and the man that made coin the phrase “Too good for instagram” Sebastian Grubinger, the godfather of UK Flatland, James White, and the current Women’s UCI World Champion Irina Sadovnik. It’s great and refreshing for my perspective to hear all the different viewpoints on the state of modern day flatland. Grab a cuppa, and enjoy this one!

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Must Watch: Jean William Prevost / NO MAN’S LAND


Dub was out in Valencia, Spain a couple of weeks ago, and made great use of time riding at one of the most picturesque riding spots I have ever seen. It’s felt like a while since a “Must Watch” edit on the site, and Dub well and truly breaks down the firewall.

Great editing, and the music by Movenchy really compliments his amazing riding. Ah yes the riding…. everything is a standout in this one. But, in particular the ender I am sure will be a contender for line of the year already, and it’s still February.

The spinning inside switch-b undertaker to pedal junkyard turbine line that begins around 1:29, just keeps getting more and more complex, and I especially loved the details of the drop down from pedal junkyard to right footed peg wheelie with no sketch at all, and then line builds again. I am sure we will all be watching this one over and over, edit of the year so far without a doubt! Thanks Dub for this belter! Today is a good day!

Episode 4 of the Flatmattersonline Exclusives w/ Bobby Carter


It’s that time of the week, every Wednesday! A fresh Flatmattersonline exclusive clip, how long can we keep this going?

I reached out to Sampa BMX rider, Bobby Carter a few weeks back to invite him too film for a FM exclusive. And the move he had in mind, he didn’t have in the bag yet. I love how we went back and forth for a couple of weeks, and out the blue Bobby hit me up with the clip.
This is what these clips are all about, pushing your own level!

Thanks Bobby for stepping up for episode 4 in the series, get out their riding and progressing and if your into it send a clip in!

To document, share and progress!

Want to film a Flatmattersonline exclusive?

Film a progressive clip, and holla “Flatmatters” at the end.
Send it in: Wetransfer format.

Fise Hiroshima: 3/5th April 2020 & Fise Series Dates Announced!

Fise just announced the dates and venues for the 2020 season, kicking off again in Hiroshima, Japan on 3-5 April. Moving onto Montpellier, France on 20-24 May, and finishing in Chengdu, China on 5-8 November 2020. Enjoy the short sweet trailer for Round 1! You can keep up to date on what events are going on throughout the year by checking the events category on our site….

Old School Sundays with Aaron Dull

This week we go back to 1988 for our OSS post, and San Francisco flatland legend, Aaron Dull’s run from the AFA in Portland, Oregon. The double backwards boomerang attempt into backyard, backwards perverted out is incredible. And the stick-b and puppet amongst other stuff, such a progressive level of riding for the time period!

How-to Scuffless Stubble Duck Gerator by Raphael Chiquet

Who better to teach you how-to to scuffless stubble duck gerator than the man himself, Raphael Chiquet! I really enjoyed this how-to with a bunch of riders thrown into the mix to test Raphael’s method to learn the move and the way he broke this trick down was really helpful, well worth a watch!

Pegruary Qualifying: IGIFLATBMX Instagram Contest

Dub and the IGI Flat BMX crew have been putting in work! If you are not on instagram, you are in for a treat watching the top 13 qualifiers not 12 (there was a tie). If the qualfying clips are anything to go by, the finals are going to go off!! Thanks to Dub for sharing this for everyone that isn’t on instagram. Congratulations once again to Owen Bohn taking the win….

Throwback Thursdays with Martti Kuoppa

MK in action from Martti Kuoppa on Vimeo.

The big news this week, Martti Kuoppa relaunched the iconic brand, Junglerider after a ten year hiatus. It’s a no brainer to dedicate this week’s Throwback to the man I called “The boss”. Watch this part back, this would be a Must Watch without a doubt if this dropped today, timeless flatland and many of these switches remain untouched….