Ruben “RDog” Castillo – TACO’s Jam Interview Oct 6


Shawn White flew out from San Diego to Austin, Texas recently to interview flatland legend, Ruben “RDog” Castillo! Hit play for a great interview where Shawn and Ruben talk about about competing in the 80’s, 90’s, the GT/Dyno days, getting the cover of fresstylin’ and the modern day. This is awesome, sit down grab a cuppa and learn some history right here!

Bruno Zebu wins Brazilian Flatland Circuit 2018

Congratulations to Bruno Zebu who just won the Brazilian flatland circuit this year after the 3 stages (first in Rio das Ostras/RJ in july, second in Manaus/AM and the third in Itapevi/SP last week (photo of the podium of this stage: the results was : 1st Bruno Zebu, 2nd Sergio Ricardo Balu, 3rd Francisco de O. Lima “Pekeno”, 4th Rômulo Guerra, 5th Camilo “Milo”, 6th Gilberto Rocha. Lot of footage coming out of Brazil at the moment, congrats to all the riders, I just came across footage from the final round from the Pro and Master groups, see below…

Flatark 2018 is postponed!

The rumours have been circling the last few days, and Yohei Uchino just sent through the official press release that Flatark 2018 is postponed until further notice. Official statement below;

ARK LEAGUE 2018 official announce to whom may concern.

“Apology and notification for postponement of ARK LEAGUE 2018.

Thank you always for supporting ARK LEAGUE.
We would like to take this opportunity to announce that ARK LEAGUE 2018 will be postponed officially.
Due to the prolonged adjustment on date and venue of the 2nd round skateboard world competition, there is a high possibility that overseas riders will not be able to participate in SKATE ARK on October 26, 27 and 28.
ARK LEAGUE has been aiming to hold the world’s high class tournament in Japan since its establishment.
With the situation above, we judged that the timing is not appropriate, and decided to postpone the ARK LEAGUE 2018.
We plan to schedule it on spring of 2019, and once date and location are confirmed, it will be announced on the website.
If you are already registered, there is no need to re-register for next spring as it’s automatically counted at our end.

Again, we apologize for those who is looking forward ARK LEAGUE 2018, participants and sponsors who are supporting the contest, Kobe City of local administration, and everyone involved in the ARK LEAGUE.
We promise that we will return with larger scale, and would appreciate your continuous support for ARK LEAGUE.”

ARK LEAGUE executive committee.

Duelo Final Battle – Sergio “Balú” Ricardo VS Francisco Lima “Pekeno”

Sergio “Balú” Ricardo and Francisco Lima “Pekeno” got head to head in the final battle from the Duelo contest I featured yesterday in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Congratulations to bale taking the gold medal, good vibes from Brazil!

Rodney Mullen – How to Use Pain to Become the Best In the World

Every so often I like to showcase a video or article outside of the flatland world that has parallels back to what we do on the daily. Rodney Mullen has always been a source of motivation for me personally since I saw him skate at Southsea Skatepark, and in this particular video he talks about how he digs deep and keeps pushing what is possible and impossible. Fascinating and inspiring to say the least, everyone needs to watch this.