Last Times with James White!

Interview: Effraim.
Photos: Mark Holland, James White.

So when I had the idea to start out the “Last Time” feature again I was running with the train of thought to feature a rider you might not expect me to run with for the opening article. I had some good feedback from Gabe Weed’s LT. For the second feature, I was thinking more along the lines, who should I have already interviewed already? That person is the godfather of UK Flatland, Mr James White! Every Last Times feature is unique to the person, plenty of inside jokes in this LT! Hope you all enjoy!


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Giannis Caternellis – Freestyler #76

It’s not everyday Giannis Caternellis drops a new edit on friday, hit play for close to ten minutes of footage from the man himself. This edit has everything from pedal funky chickens through to smooth multiple gadget whips. A lil’ something for everyone for sure!

* Also stay tuned for a something special from Giannis around Easter time…

Akira Horii – Vol. 38

Feels like a while since a fresh Akira Horii edit, and this new edit as you would expect out of Akira contains some amazing decade variations, from casually throwing triples, to my personal favourite at the 1:20 mark: fire hydrant decade to megaspin perverted decade to gerator decade out off the back tyre, great stuff Akira!