Must Watch! Moto Sasaki 2014 Part 4

Part 4 of Moto Sasaki’s amazing video series just dropped! And like you come to expect from Moto, there are some heavy bangers in this one! Look out for the backwards spinning pedal karl foot on the bars to pedal steam around the 1:14 mark and also the ender which I will not spoil for you!

Review: Baco Push it to 11

Review: Effraim.

I feel it is hard to put into words the influence the Baco crew have had on the BMX world, and especially the flatland world. Pre internet days where print and videos such as the Baco and Dorkin’ series were essentially like bibles for every flatlanders, for tis reason footage remained golden until its dropped in your VCR.

The most immediate that comes to my mind, In the modern day you can see the influence Chad Degroot’s riding in the Baco videos inspired a number of generations in the japanese scene. Especially back wheel riding!

But the influence goes way beyond that, how people dressed, the music people listened to, and of course the tricks people learnt. The thing about Baco that stood out to most might be the most simple thing, the whole crew had FUN on their bikes. And more importantly were themselves on their bikes, all too often in the modern era you can see riders trying to be something they are not. So many characters throughout the whole movie. This huge part of BMX seems to have crawled underneath a rock, maybe this is the video to bring that out!

As much as things change in BMX, the fundamental stays the same. The message to me was clear as I started watching Baco Push it to 11, all the memories came flooding back. The bottles being thrown off the bridge, Chad lacing killer combos in girls dresses, was Mark Hilson gay? Dylan’s crazy back wheel pedal combos, and possibly my favourite Dylan Worsley clip, when he is in a caboose and knocks crisps out of his hands with his bars as he rides out. The riding because the crew had so much fun, brought their own flavour hasn’t really dated at all, which is testament to what the Baco crew achieved.

Another big factor that is often overlooked, BMX! It’s all here, and flatland can mix with park, street, dirt, vert, it’s all towards the same goal of having fun. The great thing about the Blu Ray disc, is the amount of footage that can be loaded on it, the extra section is absolutely amazing. I have still yet to find the hidden video, I’m guessing it’s Baco Uncut?

Baco Push it to 11 is an absolute Must Watch! And one for the collector, I know I will watch this back in years to come, laugh and smile.

Thank you Baco!

Get yours!

C3 Jam Photo Gallery by Marcio Massayuki Abe

Marcio Massayuki Abe kindly sent in some cracking photographs from this weekends C3 Jam in Komatsu! Enjoy!

Flatland Limbo Jam at Flatopia

It looks like the crew that sessioned at the Flatopia Jam recently had a blast. Hit play for some fun at the Limbo bar!

Cory Fester withdraws, Dez Maarsen in for Battle in the Rockies!

Breaking news just in! Cory Fester is unfortunately unable to attend the Battle in the Rockies contest in November, so his spot and plane ticket will go to Dez Maarsen! Congratulations to Dez!

Laszlo Tivadar – Velvart BMX 2014

Sevisual just dropped this new edit with Laszlo Tivadar for Velvart BMX 2014, hit play!

Shintaro Misawa wins YSB 2014

Congratulations to Shintaro Misawa taking the win at YSB 2014, followed on the podium by Toon and Sheikh Muhammad Taslim!

Backyard Video Compilation 1993

Nice fan Backyard compilation from 1993 featuring amazing riding from the likes of Dylan Worsley (check his section from Angus at 1:02), Chase Gouin, Day Smith, Steve Roy, Alexis Desolneux, Edgar Plascenia, Chad Degroot, and many more!

Showtime with Viki Gomez

A huge part of the modern day professional flatlander is being out there performing shows, check out what Viki Gomez has to offer in this Red Bull show!

Matthias Dandois / We are Orange Juice Interview

Matthias Dandois has a dope interview on the WAOJ website, hit the link to read this thoughts on his signature frame, his travels, his inspirations, and so much more!