Effraim Catlow – Ten Years of Flatmattersonline Reader Interview Part 1


Intro: Effraim.

A couple of weeks ago, when I was celebrating 10 Years of Flatmattersonline I reached out to you, the readers of FM to ask me a question. I don’t know what I was expecting, but I sure wasn’t expecting the response I got. In light, of such a great response I decided to answer all the questions as they were all so good and insightful in some way. There are way too many questions for one part so I have split up the interview to make it easier for you all to read and digest. Without further a due, let’s get into your questions.

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Mark McGrade – Last Dance

Last Dance from Mark McGrade on Vimeo.

Saving this one as the last post today, Mark McGrade made this edit in memory of my Dad who passed away from ALS back in 2002. His Birthday is on December 13th, Mark asked that I post this edit on the 13th, which is the very least I can do. Great new edit to boot as well from Mark, the standout for me was the turbine invisible hand at 1:36! Loving that modern twist on an old move, good job on the edit Mark! Thinking of you today…

Must Watch – Tim Knoll / BMX But Not As You Know It

Three Must Watch edits in a week already, today we have a fresh eat from the creative master that is Tim Knoll! Tim incredible style of flat/street riding has turned heads since he hit the consciousness of the online BMX community at the start of this decade. Hailing from Milwaukee, Tim has since gone on to develop his riding to new levels and has evolved a style that mixes up BMX street and Flatland skills with acrobatics and gymnastics moves.
Rather than list the highlights, these type of edits are more about the overall feel. Flat out amazing!

Marton Szilagyi 48 Edit

Marton's 48 Edit (year end edit) from og pictures on Vimeo.

As Marton Szilagyi celebrates his 48th birthday, I think back to meeting Marton for the first time when I was riding alone in the skate rink at Southsea Skatepark, I must have been 14/15 years old at the time.
Marton was working in the circus down towards the fair ground, and we hit it off right away. He was at the time riding at a basic level, a year later he came back and was an absolute monster.
As I watch Marton’s 48th birthday edit I think about this guys contribution to the sport, he’s done so much it’s hard to really capture it, but whether video parts, making full videos (Trickstars, KHE videos), mentoring riders (Adam Kun, Denes Katona, the list goes on), running OG bike Co and a bike shop and distro. Marton is one of the most skilled riders out there in my opinion, this video is well worth watching, good production and even better timeless riding. Thanks for all you do OG Marton!

Throwback Thursdays – 1993 Shimersville, PA BS Contest

1993 Shimersville, PA BS Contest from Adam Guild on Vimeo.

What a week here on Flatmattersonline, so many amazing edits and also some great stuff from the flatland archives. And today, we have another belter from Adam Guild. I recall having a video tape of this contest back in the day from Armen Djerrahian, anyway today it is great to see all this footage together from the 1993 Shimersville, PA BS Contest featuring Brian Tunney, Bill Nitschke, Gabe Weed, Dennis McCoy, Chad Degroot, and Chase Gouin. Thank you Adam for the upload and trip down memory lane…

Must Watch – Yu Katagiri 2018

Yesterday right as I posted Brandon Derbowka’s amazing new edit, I got a notification on instagram that Yu Katagiri had dropped a new edit. Rather than post 2 banging edits at the same time, I decided to give Brandon’s edit some limelight on the site for 24 hours, well deserved in my opinion. Today, is all about this wonder kid from Nagaoka,Niigata Japan.

I had the pleasure to watch this 13 year old prodigy at two contests in the summer, BMX Cologne and Urban Waves and the kid delivered in both contests and is the real deal. What were you doing at 13 years old? This level of riding, creating tricks, being consistent, beating established pros double your age? It’s easy to say Yu Katagiri is the future, but he’s already here and smashing it hard!

As with all Must Watch edits I like to highlight why I chose this edit as Must Watch, and before I get into details, regardless of age this hits the spot really hard and can only inspire you for today’s session!

1:22: Carved peg wheelie flip to pedal g-roll turbine flip to opposite foot turbine ice cream shove it xft ice cream turbine flip pivot to spinning lawn bike flip to xft mega spin turbine pivot to g-roll flip back to spinning lawn bike flip to pedal turbine g-roll out! (that last switch is insane!)…

2:03: Xft carved peg wheelie pivot to two footed backyard pivot direct to backwards ucchie spin bike flip to xft pumping ice cream backwards xft ice cream spin pivot peg wheelie to xft ice cream (that switch rewinding to understand) to backwards spinning x-ft cream to backwards foot pedal time machine out! Thats’s two massive lines already with so much creativity within, this kid!!!

3:00: My favourite line of this amazing edit, the beginning just has me hitting the rewind. So rad!
Go watch this and admire this kids technique, I feel like I have typed enough over the past few days. I’m left thinking various thoughts…

If Yu is this good at 13 years old, what happens when he is 18 years old and so on…. Thank you ZOLS ETM for sharing this kids amazing talent with us all, flatland just went up a notch and then some! Hitting the rewind and watching in awe of this kids abilities.

Can we please see some footage of his brother, Ryo!