TGM Maz – Last few rides on the St Martin Eiffel frame

Last few rides on the St Martin Eiffel frame Sept 2014 from TGM Maz on Vimeo.

TGM Maz captured the last few sessions onboard his St Martin Eiffel frame before switching his new Weast ride, nice forward karl fire hydrant double decade around the 2:45 mark to end this one! Enjoy the new ride Maz!

BFWC & Overground + James McGraw Interview

Plenty of coverage from the BFWC & Overground contest, this edit takes on a different flavour. Repórter Gabriel Monroy catches up with some Brazilian riders and interviews James McGraw about his 5 day stay in Brazil. Hit play!

Takahiro Ikeda – BFWC & Overground + Bikecheck

Lisia is killing it with daily edits from the BFWC & Overground contest in Brazil, today it is the turn of Takahiro Ikeda, with a quick look his ride also, enjoy!

BFWC & Overground Highlights

Dope highlights by Lisias from the BFWC & Overground contest in Brazil, enjoy this one!

Fred Penner – Whiplash Skills

Fred Penner – Riding Progress – September 2014 from Fred Penner on Vimeo.

Really enjoying these progression edits from Fred Penner, check out this latest Whiplash Skills edit he just dropped! Keep on documenting Fred, much respect!

Rich Slezak – Double Feet and Minimal Scuffs

Double Feet and Minimal Scuffs from Rich Slezak on Vimeo.

Smooth styles out of Rich Slezak, refining his front wheel and back wheel riding with less scuffs at the Studio City riding spot! Look forward to seeing where Rich goes with this, keep documenting!

Watch Flatark Live stream on 26th October!

On the 26th October the final round of the 2014 World Circuit is going down at the Flatark contest in Kobe, Japan! We will post a link on the day for all of you that can’t make it, and want to see the madness go down live!

Dickens Flatland Jam in Argentina

Seems to be all about South America at the moment, last weekend there was a local jam in the Chacabuco Park in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Featuring Gonzalo Bellanti, Owen Bohn, Leonardo Leguizamon, Jeremías Romero, Gonzalo Piacentino, Rodrigo Huck, Kevin Soruco, and Cliff Alania.

Alex Jumelin wins 2014 Nora Cup Flatlander of the Year!

Photo credit: Alex Jumelin.

The big news of the day! Alex Jumelin is the 2014 Nora Cup Flatlander of the Year, Alex was present at the awards last night at Texas Toast and got to celebrate with his wife and kids. Congratulations to Alex for this prestigious award!

Old School Sundays with Jeff Cotter

Jeff Cotter – AFA Austin, TX 1988 from 990Adjustments on Vimeo.

Jeff Cotter had some wild surfer/grip ride moves back in the day, check out his run from the AFA Austin, TX 1988 contest! Thank you 990Adjustments for the upload!