Must Watch – James White / Stop the World


The man James White does it again, unless you have been living under a rock or something it’s hard not to notice James White’s riding on social media. He seems to be everywhere, and this new “Stop the World” edit featuring a classic Black Rock and Ron track hits hard like you would expect, yet retains a fun element and stoke factor. All these details plus mixing the riding to a great tune that describes what he is doing, and give you an uplifting feeling that makes you want to go and ride.
Ultimately this is what it is all about, I am still in awe of the bike control involved on the no-handed “still b” at the 1:52 mark and that ender I was waiting and the cut at the end!. Rather than list all the highlights, I think this edit is about the whole package that just left with a great feeling and immediately on the rewind for the whole video, brilliant work throughout.

Vancouver Flat Jam Sessions

Vancouver Flat Jam – Sessions from Level Up on Vimeo.

This week has already been awesome for content here on Flatmattersonline, and it continues right here with a beauty from the summer Vancouver flatland jam. A couple of riders travelled from FISE in Edmonton over to Vancouver for the flat jam and enjoyed some wicked sessions the day before the jam. The first day the crew rode the circle spot which is small but overlooks downtown Vancouver. On the second day everyone travelled by ferry to Victoria, on Vancouver Island, and rode a couple cool spots including one on top of a mountain and in a forest. Lot of flatland history from Vancouver, Canada. Stoked to see this today!

Riders: Jean-William Prevost, Hidenoi Ishizaki, Percy Marshall, Tall Pall, Greg Pratt, Francois Debroux, Cory Fester, and Joey Kyllo.

Nantes Flatland Jam – Les Machines de l’île

Good vibes from Nantes, France and a fresh new edit from Dwix for today. The jam took place a few weeks back in a great hall called “Les Machines de l’île.”
Riding skills from Charles Paty, Gilles Laurent, Dwix himself, Fred Page, Malo Tostivint, Robson Luiz & Kalix Jouanneau. Heresy came through with the prizes, big up!

Catching Up with Bill Neumann

On the last day at Battle in the Rockies, it was awesome to get two riding sessions in with one of my childhood heroes, Bill Neumann. One of the smoothest cats to ever do this flatland thing we all love. On the way back to the McGraw residence, I caught up with Bill to talk about his roots in riding, his consistency, dropping the hitchhiker at the same contest as Kevin Jones, the Riders Brand. We also discuss beating Dennis McCoy back in the day, quitting riding and getting back into it and a whole lot more. Hope you all enjoy this as much as I did interviewing him.

Chicago BS Finals 1994

Chicago BS Finals 1994 from Adam Guild on Vimeo.

Pure gold from the flatland archives today courtesy of Adam Guild. Amazing footage from the Chicago BS Finals back in 1994, featuring Chad Degroot, Andrew Arroyo, Day Smith, Brian Tunney, Trevor Meyer, Nate Hansen, Sean Peters, Jason Brown R.I.P, Paul Palmer R.I.P, Matt Gibson, Paul Osicka, Steve Roy, Sean McKinney, Dylan Worsley (infamous for dropping the pedal switches at this contest!) and many more, this is well worth sitting down with your beverage of choice and taking a trip down memory lane. What a killer contest, thanks Adam for the upload!