Paul Dezeix – Straight to the Point


Fresh new edit out of Paul Dezeix who took some inspiration from the track he used and the artist, Frederic Robinson. Paul decided to push one concept for this video, the halfpacker, definitely a good way to progress. I really enjoyed this edit and watching the progression build throughout the course of the edit, the last pendulum halfpacker was nicely done at the 2:55 mark. Straight to the point!

#standwithscotty bike jam

#standwithscotty bike jam from Rich Slezak on Vimeo.

Vans flew Matthias Dandois out for the #standwithscotty bike jam hosted by Ryan Guettler at the Van Skatepark in Southern California. Peep some great riding from Matthias, Gabe Weed, Ryan Russell and Bo Wade from the 1:06 mark all for a great cause.

QuestBMX – Bon Voyage 2016

Peep this new edit from the Quest team with clips taken from the teams instagram pages, featuring Pete Brandt, Danny Sirkin, Steve Lapsley, Jean Francois Boulianne, Jeremy Brosset, Mannie Nogueira, Gurvan Le Bloc’h, and Mark McGrade!

Old School Sundays – 1989 Great Lakes FreeStyle Contest + Pete Brandt

Great footage from the archives sent in from Jffe. Filmed by John Preville, 1989 Great Lakes Freestyle Contest footage, featuring the likes of Steve Mulder, Bill Neumann (how dialled was Bill Neumann!!!) plus parking lot footage from i’m guessing the Virginia Make A Wish Foundation Contest, great practise footage of Mike Schmed and Pete Brandt going off during the Ozone era! Posted this a few years back, certainly worth a re-up, when you got a few spare minutes, sit down and enjoy this one!