Must Watch – Kio Hayakawa


Kio Hayakawa has been blowing up on instagram over the last year, and for good reason. Unique styles for days and the degree of difficulty of what he is doing is off the chart.

Kio dropped this edit a few days ago, and I was in full One Love jam mode and not able to spend enough time watching the edit and taking in what he is doing.

This morning I got the chance to take it what he is doing and this guy is next level and a name to keep an eye for sure and deservedly got nominated for Breakthrough Rider of the Year.

The opening line at 00:17 with the quick blender jump to two footed upside down ice cream without touching the tyre is insane. Whilst I am not a fan of the switching shots mid link, the backwards facing pedalling time machine rideout is incredible! Hit rewind, watch this!

At 1:27 the xft time machine pivot to pedalling ice cream is so delicate of a switch and Kia makes this look easy, style for days. And much like the first line the ending going back to xft time machine pivot to backwards facing straddling time machine walkover decade to pedal is absolutely off the chart!

Learn the name, this shredder has a massive future.

Repo: The 2019 One Love Jam


Text: Effraim.
Photos: Effraim, Juan Lopez, Bobby Carter.

The 9th annual One Love Jam in Newport Beach, California was lived up to all the hype I have heard over the years. We were staying around an hour away in Corona, and I believe it was James McGraw who said “it will be sunny at the beach Effraim”. I remember thinking “yeah yeah, that’s not going to happen”, low and beyond we arrive at picture perfect Newport Beach and the sunshine is booming, girls in bikinis everywhere, hockey players, and a fast smooth newly resurfaced riding spot which is large enough to hold 120 riders pretty comfortably with a California beach backdrop.

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IBMXFF BMX Freestyle Worlds in Cologne / 35th Anniversary

The BMX Cologne has a lot of history, this year the contest will celebrate it’s 35th anniversary. That is huge, the flatland contest always goes off with one of the best floors of the year.

The legendary annual BMX Cologne will take place on June 21st – 23rd. Mark the date in your calendar and check the press release for more details:

“This year we are “CELEBRATING 35 YEARS“ of most significant BMX Freestyle Event in the world! To do it right, we’re bringing back the official IBMXFF BMX Freestyle Worlds to Cologne.

We are bringing you everything from BMX- ROOTS & CULTURE to HIGH CLASS BMX ATHLETES and plenty opportunities to PARTY and ENJOY yourself in an authentic BMX FESTIVAL ATMOSPHERE. World Champion Titles are waiting to be taken home in the disciplines DIRT, SPINE-PARK & FLATLAND. Come and celebrate with us.”

One Love Pre Jam – San Francisco / LA trip Part 3

Good morning everyone!

Yesterday was a good day, we arrived the night before to Robert Castillo’s house in Corina, California.After a nights sleep it was time head out to Long Beach, Corona to Long beach is around an hours drive. LA traffic which can be horrific, we hit up a In and Out Burger joint just round the corner from the jam. The spot looked familiar and sure enough I had been to this burger place before. Must have been like 9-10 years ago, funny how your memory can jog in an second.

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San Francisco Trip – Part 2

Yesterday was the first dry day of my trip to San Francisco. Dylan Worsley from We Bicycles arrived in the morning, and myself, Pete and Dylan headed from Fremont to San Fran by BART. 40 minutes later, we were at Embarcadero and the Clocktower is across the road. The ground was still really wet from and early morning shower, Pete has the Clocktower on lock down and has a let blower, squeechie, and to my suggestion added a towel to the fix to get the riding spot dry.

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Repo: San Francisco Trip Part 1

Good morning everyone!

As many of you will know, Pete Brandt who happens to be my child hero growing up organised a go fund me page to get me out to the One Love jam in Newport Beach, California this weekend. When I was younger, my parents took me to San Francisco on holiday and I always loved the place and everything about it, so much character in this city. So as you can imagine I am still pinching myself that I am actually here. I can’t thank Pete, his wife Karissa, and everyone who donated to help me get here.
I arrived into San Francisco on Monday, after an 11 hour flight and almost three hours in the customs line I was pretty tired, but also pretty excited to get riding and make the most of this dream trip out here.

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Throwback Thursdays – One Love Jam 2018

It is the annual One Love Jam this weekend in Newport Beach, California. Tomorrow I am heading down to LA with Pete Brandt, Dylan Worsley, and James McGraw. Seems like as good a time as any for this sweet bonus edit from last year, crank it up and get hyped. I know I am!