Must Watch – Jean William Prevost & The Alien Glide

Jean William Prévost : The Alien Glide from IGI BMX on Vimeo.

Back to back Must Watch videos from Jean William Prevost, you all no doubt watched Puro Flat 2 and probably saw the photos of Dub’s no handed gliding two footed death truck doing the rounds on social media and wondered where is the footage? Well, you did not have to wait long, and this trick is so good I think it deserves to be singled out on it’s own so you can appreciate it, and it’s not lost in a full part. Dub is definitely an alien, fitting name for the move!

Cory Fester – Garage Sessions

garage sessions from cory fester on Vimeo.

When I posted the Cory Fester 16 days throwback a couple of weeks ago, I was not expecting to see a visual response but it looks like it’s kick started something within Cory. It is not often I say this anymore, Cory is like one of those ultimate video riders dudes, and like the 16 Days edit he used this “garage sessions” edit to get himself back up to speed. The rumour mill has been going for the past few weeks about Cory sitting on footage for 8 years, I can’t even imagine what he is sitting on, but what almost stokes me out the most is he has a riding spot for the winter. Like a fine wine Cory, take your time buddy and I can’t wait to see what he comes up with for this solo video part. This edit builds and builds as you see his skills improving with each clip, I love the last line a remix of Michael Sommer’s infamous back peg varial to half hiker, Cory puts his own flavour on it. Cory stole the internet today, respect!

Sietse Van Berkel wins Round 2 Master of Creativity

Congratulations to Sieste Van Berkel who won the second round of the Master of Creativity contest followed by Moto Sasaki and Raphael Chiquet. The top ten made it through to final round, which will be a “best trick round”. Good luck everyone, head over to the Master of Creativity instagram for all the videos, amazing level.

Must Watch – Jean William Prevost / Puro Flat #2 Spring

PURO FLAT #2 : SPRING from IGI BMX on Vimeo.

Dub dropped the latest in his Puro Flat series this weekend, so I decided to hold fire for a change and digest this one properly before publishing on FM! Everyone already knows Jean William Prevost is one of the best riders in the world, what I like about what he is doing with the Pro Flat series is he’s giving something special to the artform side of flatland rather than keeping it private until it’s ready for a contest.

Dub rides with a unique energy and flow that is unrivalled across the board in competitive flatland, we touched on this in his podcast recently. Keeping his energy going with the speed he rides at and consistency throughout a 3 minute run requires a certain state of mind and fitness, and here in this video project he experiments with dead time between tricks that elevates that concept to another level.

Part of the year so far? Let’s discuss this one. In terms of contest riders, Dub is at the top of the tree in terms of progression, hard to argue against it after these first two Puro Flat edits, mind blown. Thank you Dub, I am sure we will come back to this in years to come!

Puro Flat #2 is everything I thought it would be and much more, filmed in Shenzhen, Beijing and Montreal, as with all Must Watch edits I like to talk about the highlights:

00:17: The g-roll pivot inside switch b undertaker out is beautiful in technique where he has condensed the dead time.

00:25: Spinning undertaker flip grabbing tyre spinning cream pivot out is sexy flatland at it’s finest. I am on 5th watch now, and still have the same reaction as the first time I watched it. YES!

00:32: Dub further pushes the concept that I highlighted at 00:17 and adds the spinning undertaker at the beginning of the line and ends with g-roll pivot inside switch b undertaker with no deadtime at all. Wow!

1:07: Carved Opposite Dump truck ride in pivot to pedal inside switch b pedal pivot to double turbine spinning forward death truck straightens out forward pedal death to casual walkover decade out. This line has been years in the making, so much depth to this.

2:59: Dub explores different concepts around the Rodeo, each line till the end is absolutely ridiculous, but the dead time taken out on the final line and the seamless switches is something else entirely.

Level up!

Snipes Battle Square Final Highlights

Woozy BMX came through with a sweet highlights edit from the weekends Snipes Battle Square contest in Rotterdam, Holland. Amazing riding from the likes of Alex Jumelin, Jean William Prevost, Dominik Nekolny, and Benjamin Hudson. If all goes according to plan, the Snipes Battle Square contest will be a six round series next year, stay tuned for the news on that one!

Alex Jumelin wins Snipes Battle Square in Rotterdam!

Catching up on news across the globe after a busy week and weekend organising the King of Concrete. Congratulations to Alex Jumelin who won the Snipes Battle Square contest in Rotterdam this weekend followed on the podium by Jean William Prevost and Dominik Nekolny in third place. In AM, Anatole Rahain took the top spot, followed by Jorrit van Drumpt and Julien Baran in the third place spot, congratulations guys! Full results below:


Alex Jumelin
Jean William Prevost
Dominik Nekolny
Benjamin Hudson
Lee Musselwhite
Dustyn Alt
Viki Gomez
Raphael Chiquet
Sietse van Berkel
Gilles van de Sompel
Alberto Moya
Dez Maarsen
Chris Bohm
Terry Adams


Anatole Rahain
Jorrit van Drompt
Julien Baran
Barre Neirynck
Gino Stuart
Say Kypirtidis
Bodean Maarsen
Malte Orth
Gabin Jumelin

Keelan Phillips & Johann Chan win King of Concrete!

What a weekend at the King of Concrete at Southsea Skatepark. We have just celebrated our 40th anniversary in June and it was the ideal time to bring back a sleeping giant. Congratulations to Keelan Phillips who took the win in the Pro class and nice prizes courtesy of our flatland sponsors 4 pegs BMX and Kunstfrom, we didn’t have a great turnout for the Pro class so the expert riders jumped in and Johann Chan took the second place spot, followed by Paul Spychj who made a 33 hour bus trip from Poland to be at the KOC, amazing.


Keelan Phillips
Johann Chan
Paul Spychj
James Ovens
Oakley Way

Congratulations to Johann Chan who won the AM class and won a bunch of goodies including a much needed Ares front hub, Johann was followed by Mr Ride on himself, Neil Waddington with Mate’ Hocopan in the third place. Really happy with the turnout of 17 riders in the expert class, part of by intention with bringing back the KOC was to help grassroots grow, and so many Southsea locals enjoyed the flatland and got inspired which is what its all about! Once again I just want to send a big thats to all the riders, the judges James White and Lincoln Blcksley who helped me out with AM and Pro judging, the sponsors Four pegs and Kunstform! Same date next year, mark in your calendar!


Johann Chan
Neil Waddington
Mate’ Hocopan
Carl Boucher
Matt Cole
Chris Bates
James Ovens
Tom Leaver
B-rad Sullivan / Henry Logan
Reef Way
Harry Drewit
Charlie Woodland
Joe Ross
James Hall
Logan Dam

Throwback Thursdays – Cory Fester 16 Days

Cory Fester 16 Days from cory fester on Vimeo.

I’m not even sure how many times I have re-upped this Cory Fester 16 days part, but I don’t care it is worth it. Yes I said “part”, although this was filmed in only 16 days it feels so much more than just an edit and it’s 8 years old right now and still stands up today. I am sure I am not the only one that goes back to this one from time to time for inspiration.

If you haven’t seen this part before, Cory gave himself how every many days the weather allowed before winter hit in Edmonton, Canada as a way to motivate himself.

Cory particularly destroyed the backwards half packer and almost every variation around it, go watch this, get inspired and get out there and push yourself.

Let me finish this, with a thought this in my head. Is this one of the best parts ever? let’s discuss this in the comments….