Paula Hesser & Irina Sadovnik launch FlatQueens!

Great news for the ladies out there shredding world-wide. The female flatland community is a growing, and Paula Hesser and the 2 x UCI World Champion Irina Sadovnik have combined to launch “FlatQueens”, a ladies online competition.

Irina got in contact and had this to say:

Registration deadline 15th of August

Deadline round 1: 30th of August
Deadline round 2: 25th of September
Each run 1:45 min (editing is allowed)
First ever BMX Flatland Ladies Online Competition from women for women and girls.
Pro, Am and New generation (<14yrs) classes available. 4 female judges, 2 male judges Prizes for top 3 riders of each category, plus 1 wild card prize package for each category. Go check the website for more details:

UCI World Championships: Pro Flatland Final

It’s taken a minute for coverage to come out from the UCI World Championships in Montpellier a few weeks back. If you missed the show, you can watch the French commentary version above (sounds like Lionel Cardoso on commentary duties, and also a link to the BBC iPlayer broadcast with Viki Gomez commentating. For all of you that missed it, and sent me DM’s here you go….

Ryo Katagiri wins Chimera A Side 2021

Congratulations to Ryo Katagiri taking the win at the recent Chimera A Side contest in Japan, followed by his brother Yu, and the Flatmattersonline Rider of The Year Kio Hayakawa in third podium position. I have been looking for footage of the event and so far nothing. If anyone finds anything, please send it over….

Throwback Thursdays: King of Ground Nagoya 2004

Loving these throwback raw edits from the legendary King of Ground contests, I don’t know about you at home, but I enjoy seeing the realistic footage with makes and falls included. This edit features the likes of Hiroya Morizaki, Viki Gomez, Martti Kuoppa and more.

Irina Sadovnik: 1st Place Womens Round 1 / Ultimate Flatland League

What a last couple of weeks its been for Irina Sadovnik, the current Women’s Euro & World Champion just added to her winning streak. taking first place in Round 1 of the 2021 Ultimate Flatland League. Congratulations to Irina and all the ladies throwing down, onto the next round!

Hit the link below for all the entries.

Yuo Hayakawa wins Round 1 AM Ultimate Flatland League

What a talent Yuo Hayakawa is, Yuo took the first place spot in Round 1 of the AM Ultimate Flatland League. The future is bright for this young shredder out of Japan!

If you missed the results click here:

For more videos from the AM’s:

Mickey Gaidos: 4th Texas Flatland Roundup XI

Mickey Gaidos is a long time shredder from NOLA; after a brief hiatus he’s returned at 110% firepower and it’s incredible to see firsthand! These are highlights from Mickey’s runs in the Pro Flatland BMX Finals at Texas Flatland Roundup XI 2021. Mickey finished in 4th place in the Pro Flatland class. Thanks to Jim McKay for the incredible coverage from this event.