Landscapes Review

Review: Effraim.

DVD’s in the modern era are a sad rarity in our scene from my perspective, during the last two years you can count those on less than one hand. Dane Beardsley’s Same thing daily project and IGI’s travel video are all we have had. Stewart Munro from Australia stepped up to the plate with an ambitious project to collect and edit together rider sections from all the planet, when you think about that in the modern internet culture and free edits available everyday it almost seems like a thankless task.


Thankfully Stewart stuck to the task which being so far away from all the other riders is I can imagine a tough task to collate together. The downloadable video straight to your laptop is catching on in other sports such as Skateboarding, more recently massive companies such as Adidas are releasing their projects for a small fee online. Will it catch on to what is essentially a small flatland audience? Only time will tell…

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AF THE NAYSAYER – FIT Benny L Bikecheck!

Plenty of heads running the Benny L frame right now , and why not? AF THE NAYSAYER hit me up with this news!
AF THE NAYSAYER of course has provided the soundtrack to tons of web edits for “Fit” and many flatland edits. This is the first flatland bikecheck Fit has ever posted on the site, and includes some dope photos of AF in action. Hit the link to check it out!