Flatmatters Review 2012 – Part 2!

Text: Effraim.

Part 1 if you missed it: https://www.flatmattersonline.com/flatmatters-review-of-2012-part-1

Sit down with a cuppa, OJ or whatever your are drinking this morning or evening, and spare yourself an hour to go through the year 2012, May till August FM style, hit the extensive bibliography for relevent links!
If you already read my Part 1 review of 2012, you will know the format. If not, hit the link above for what you have missed!

Spring was in full mode, perhaps not in England as it rained a lot just for a change, nevertheless the month of May started with some incredible news that I feel helped drive the positive vibes throughout 2012.
We began May with the Posse Up scene deadline and some great edits came in from scenes like LA, Baltimore, and the eventually winner, Athens, Georgia! The concept from the One Love Crew was great, I hope to see much more of this kind of thing in the future.
Also on this day, the trailer for the 430 DVD trailer was released, and certainly wetted the appetite for what was to come from Japan.

On May 2nd, arguably the biggest news of the year was announced. The legendary Red Bull Circle of Balance contest was back, and scheduled for Kyoto, Japan in September. The feel good factor was felt across the flatland world. Events worldwide seemed to gain energy as a result of the news.

Quentin Pelorson released a serious progression edit on May 3rd, this guy really stood out for me in 2012. He may or may not get much credit in broader terms, but right here he earned a ton of respect from me, the spinning ck flip to xft halfpacker in this short clip was no joke at all!

Three days later, Viki Gomez won the Bike Days contest in Switzerland, a contest that seems to be gaining in popularity every year. The podium shot seemed to cause quite a stir here on FM.

On May 7th arguably one of the best contest edits of the year dropped, a little known contest outside of Japan, called the “An Cup” the edit featured back to back hammer combos unedited and totally flawless from Yohei Uchino, Hiroya Morizaki, and Yoshiki Uchino. Remember this one people? Go back and watch this one again!

2012 was quite a year for Jason Plourde, on May 10th Jason released a sweet clip pulling a double footjam decade, a trick he would further explore during the year. On the same day we broke the news that Viki Gomez had just landed a nice sponsorship deal with Levi’s. The good vibes were flowing.

On May 11th I started hyping up one of the most important events on the flatland calendar, the Voodoo jam! The hype began with a whole bunch of interviews with the likes of Mark Kuhlmann, Todd Carter, Bryan Huffman, Ron Monis, and of course Terry Adams and Scott O’Brien (who also had a great interview drop on ESPN on may 18th) , the term “hype” seemed to go down well with the flatland community, and a few days later Dominik Nekolny dropped a savage multiple xfted whiplash combo using the term as a title.

On May 20th Alex Jumelin won the Fise contest in Montpelier, France, before moving countries to the USA. Quite fitting for Alex to win his last contest in his home country. The year kept getting better and better for him.

FlatDev went to new heights last year, one of the best branded events, ton of promotional material, and in my eyes seemed to stand out from the pack in terms of professionalism. Edit after edit, interviews, qualifying videos, and perhaps a new standard for events to reach. Hey, if you want to put on a event, you could worse than check out these guys and what they have done. Top marks to the organisers!

Now let it be said, I am a big Hotoke fan, and on May 24th when Jim McKay released the “Hotoke at JomoPro 2012” I was hyped, and the whole flatland community were too. With Jim’s editing and filming skills, and Hotoke’s bike mastery, the edit was a sure winner. Go watch this one again for a sweet reminder. (I wonder how many times I will say that throughout this article).

On May 27th, It’s always amazing to see what Aki is up to, I admire riders who go in their own direction. And Aki’s backwards pumping technique had reached a whole different level with regard to technique and smoothness, I remember hitting the rewind button about five times before I even posted it! That ladies and gentlemen does not happen very often – no offence! Hit the bibliography to watch this one again!

Three days later, Dane Beardsley dropped a monster part for ESPN, teaming up with his good friend Brian Tunney. There were so many combos to marvel at, but the backwards xfted halfpacker to steam stood out to me, not just for how hard that is, but the angle of his foot as he pivoted from the backwards xfted halfpacker to steam, absolutely insane!

The month of May finished off with a really well produced edit from FlatDev (yes that name again!) with Mr Buttery himself, Shintaro Misawa. And lastly but not least, a name we don’t hear from too often from, Travis Collier produced a sweet part for a competition called “My Steaz”.

I feel like we have enough for year already, but we haven’t even got to summer yet!

June started off with the rider list being announced for the Red Bull Circle of Balance in Kyoto, Japan. As usual plenty of discussion about who should and shouldn’t be invited. In the end, there are only 16 spots, somebody is going to be disappointed, it is awesome for flatland the event came back, and I certainly feel like it shaped the second half of the year.

In my eyes and I have no doubt many others, one of the best bits of news came on June 2nd. Chase Gouin making a recovery from his severe illness (hit the bibliography for details) and back riding, with a few photos documented on the Odyssey website. After having three years off his bike, the news Chase was back riding, certainly brought a spring in my step and i’m sure many others.

On the same day, another flatland legend, West Coasts Jesse Puente announced a “originality” contest to win his signature Premuim lagger KHE frame.

On June 4th we continued the “Voodoo jam Hype” with a interview with Prasheel Gopal, and that same day Waldemar Fatkin and Stephan Kornely dropped a Must Watch edit shredding the spot in Koblenz. Good to see that friendship vibe come across, and those guys do it perfectly.

Denes Katona is a name you don’t hear too much of, but sometimes less is more! And in this case that certainly applies right here, everybody knows Denes is one of the best riders on the planet, and visiting good friend Mizo over in Ireland, Denes doesn’t disappoint and delivers some impossible whiplash combinations. Sadly this was the last we heard of Denes from 2012. Hit the bibliography watch this one again!

June of course meant, the Voodoo jam in New Orleans! And a ton of edits came out throughout the month and indeed are still coming out now in January 2013! Check the bibliography for all the best edits, especially Jim McKay’s edit below.
As always Scott O’Brien and Terry Adams put their heart and soul into putting on the best possible event. All eyes were on New Orleans that weekend. As the event wasn’t part of the World Circuit, not all the heavy hitters were there (Matthias Dandois, and Yohei Uchino both previous Voodoo jam winners spring to mind).
In the AM class, Canadian Mark Kuhlmann took the win and immediately turned pro (with reference to Scott O’Brien Flat Web TV interview) this was a great idea!, Mark only just missing the cut on his first attempt. We interviewed Mark shortly after on June 13th, to talk about his Voodoo jam experience. The pralex guys were flying the flag this weekend!
In prelims, Matt Wilhelm threw down to take the top spot into the final battles. In the end, Dominik Nekolny stomped to a first place finish. Why this event, wasn’t part of the World Circuit I have no idea, but that’s a whole different topic!

On the same day as the Voodoo jam, Jason Plourde who had an amazing year dropped a banging “Transformer freestyle” edit, if anyone is going to break into that group of elite riders that place top 5 at every event, Jason could be that guy. Style, speed and aggression in abundance!

Pockets of edits seem to all come in at once, this happened numerous times throughout the year. And on June 14th, two amazing edits from flatland legend Pete Brandt at his second home, the Clocktower in SF and Trevor Oleniuk’s visual diary of the Voodoo Jam swept across every flatland blog and website on the planet.

The end of june wrapped up with entries coming in for Jesse Puente’s originality contest, great edits from Russia, Thomas Noyer, David Nagy and Brazilian riders Lisias Taberelli and Bruno Zebu. Lisias took the win, and collected his frame at the BMX Masters! Congratulations once again Lisias.

July is always a huge month for flatland, edits come in so fast, that at times it is hard to keep up, and quite often last year, I’ve held edits back to give other edits time to be viewed and taken in.
Calvin Tan is one stylish mofo, and July 2nd he dropped a “Must Watch” edit, riding the back wheel in a unique way, his riding style screamed “fun!”, go watch it again for a reminder of what this guy brings to the game.

July 3rd was another good example of the “Pockets of edits” comment I previously made, amazing edits dropped by Gabe Kadmiri, and two from Madrid, the Flatmad crew Part 1 (& Part 2 a few days later) and James Smith teamed up with Viki Gomez to bring you “Lots and found” also filmed in Madrid, needless to say but Viki’s skills are incredible, and when you put them together with James’ filming and editing talents, your onto a winner! July 3rd was a good day!

Two days later and another amazing day for edits, with an absolute treat from The One Love crew with Dane Beardsley, I feel like people are finally coming round to how awesome Dane’s riding really is, and this “Shaka Brah” edit definitely did not disappoint. Sebastian Grubinger stars in a lot of Dane’s videos nowadays, and on this day he teamed up with Tom @ Sevisual to bring you his Heresy “Ascend” bars promo, this was a “Must Watch” edit, Steamboat whiplashes, and whiplash to infront of bars whips and back spring to mind.
A day later, and Aleski Ritsila and Bert Ribul brought another “Must watch” banger edit, two stylish cats with a big future! Really enjoyed how this edit was put together, a definite must go back and watch! Good vibes!

July 9th may well have been the best day for flatland/news edits of the year! Don’t believe me! Check the list, and then go watch them all:

Must watch – Voodoo jam edit by Jim McKay!

Botak Raziff wins Flat Dev 2012! Final Battle edit!

Dez Maarsen/ Michael van deer Krost Summer weekend Session

Hiroya Morisaki wins stop 2 of G Shock Real Toughness

York jam 2012 edit by York Uno

Red Bull COB teaser

Edit overload! And they just kept coming and coming!

The BMX masters is one of the biggest contests on the calendar. Last year it was run as the World Championship, and on July 15th Matthias Dandois took the title that had eluded him for a long time, and added to his list of contest wins. Pretty much winning every event on the planet at some point in his career. The highlights edit dropped a few days later, and as always with the Worlds/BMX masters, this event gets lot more attention and comments than any other edit pretty much.

July 16th was another great day in a list of many last year! Both Alex Jumelin and Sam Foakes dropped banger edits, even though Sam didn’t realise he was having an edit filmed at the Flatmatters jam in Manchester. Flatland is quite nice like that sometimes! Alex continued on his personal rampage, having one of the best years of his long career, both edits and riders have been hugely influential this year.
July 20th was another amazing day for news/edits, kicking things off with Russia winning the Real Toughness contest in Osaka, Jesse Puente signing for Wrung Streetwear, we dropped an exclusive interview with Joe Miller to help hype up Round 2 of the AM FLT series, and two great great edits from the BMX Worlds 2012 by Freedom BMx and Deep BMX!
The next few days were taken up with the news of the return of the legendary Aggro Rag ‘zine and Yohei Uchino continued his winning streak, winning the 2nd round of the World Circuit and looking on course to win the World Circuit title in Berlin…
On July 25th, I dropped an exclusive interview with japanese stylecat, Keisuke Tanigawa, one of my favourite riders currently. Who later went on to win the No runs contest in Saga, japan later in the month.
Over in Austin, Texas, John Yull continued to light the fuse, dropping another Must watch edit for one of his sponsors, Tempest Brand. Flatlanders worldwide were taking notes on his creative foot-jam decade combinations.

The Olympics were in full fever around this time, and a whole load of BMX riders were due to perform at the opening show. Johann Chann teamed up with James White, Jason Forde, TGM Maz, and Keelan Phillips to bring the world a lil’ snippet of their routine as last minute the decision was made to axe the whole BMX show. Quite what effect that show would have had on future generations we will never know.

The month of July ended with flurry of edits, The name Pedro Melo is not heard enough on Flatmatters, so you know when an edit drops, it will be amazing. And his “One too hot hour” was a Must Watch for the flatland community.
Lisias Taberelli dropped an amazing “Outside BMX Worlds” edit, that captured the Koln vibe really well. The Brazilian energy came through loud and clear.
The OG crew put on dope events, and released an amazing trailer for the Offline Sports Game contest in September, this looked like being one of the best events of the year.

Summer holidays in flow, and a busy month for me organising the King of Southsea contest at the end of month. A ton of edits dropped in August and Laszlo Tivadar & Steve Mulder started the month off nicely, with a tasty 5 combos edit and 5 brakeless hanggliders respectively!
The exciting news that the Dew Tour were holding a flatland contest was announced on August 4th, the contest scheduled for August 19th in Ocean City, Maryland was invitational only with 4 riders, Matthias Dandois, Alex Jumelin, Terry Adams, and Matt Wilhelm were confirmed. Another positive for an amazing year for flatland!
A day later JF Boulianne won Round 3 of the AM FLT Circuit, in Anderson Indiana, the contest got rained out, but fortunately there was an indoor spot that looks like a reception area to get the contest done, and the ranking points proved to be hugely important.
On the other side of the world, Yohei Uchino won yet another contest, this time the G Shock Real Toughness event in Sendai, Japan, and along with the World Circuit was looking like he was going to take the G Shock Real Toughness Series also.

On August 7th we returned to these “Pockets of edits” I mentioned earlier, Dylan Worsley’s xft backwards halfpacker clip was a timely reminder, not only that he’s still got it, but that he’s still out there shredding hard, stoked to see this! Jason Plourde, Matt Wilhelm and Dane Beardsley all had Must Watch edits on this day, all totally different styles, which is a good point from the year, 2012 seemed to me to bring more diversity than recent previous years. jason and Matt are both fast paced but yet totally different styles, and Dane’s Cross Country edit in Portland, Oregon was at the opposite end of the scale yet of course equally as hard. Flatland is beautiful!

Three days later, and Jason Plourde was most def on a roll with the multiple decade concept, go back and watch this absolutely hammer short clip!

On August 11th, the King of Ground dropped the Official edit from Round 2. And Naoto Tamaru released this must watch edit that seemed to go underneath the radar, featuring Nauto, Kenshiro Ojma and featured an jaw dropping back wheel combo from Yohei Uchino, two footed death truck to out opposite side backwards peg time machine flip to xft upside down wheelie, absolutely nuts!

August 19th was another great day for flatland. With great edits from the One Love crew, Lisias Taberelli, Prasheel Gopal, and the news that Matthias Dandois won the Dew Tour flatland contest in Ocean City, Maryland!

August 25th was one hell of a busy day for me, actually that whole week was! King of Southsea was in full flow. The FM house was full of riders, Prasheel Gopal, Alberto Moya, Navid Saleki and friend, Johann Chann and Trevor Lacey. KOS saw the return of Sam Foakes to competition after a few years out, and as many expected he did not disappoint, taking the win, with Romain Georges in second place. Prasheel took the win in Expert. Whilst all that was going on, Phil Dolan who wasn’t at King of Southsea tut tut, continued his solo mission, with his latest clips exploring the figure of 8 concept. And Trevor Meyer dropped an insane Summer 2012 edit that had the FM house stoked in between numerous viewings of the new 430 DVD!

Two days later I released Sam Foakes winning run rom the KOS. Dez Maarsen won the Chuncheon Cup, and Chad Johnston dropped one of the best edits of the year hands down! Pegless riding at its very best that seemed to utilise all techniques in flatland into one. Mind blown. Chad is a beast!

August as you would expect in the height of summer, finished with tons of edits. Actually that slowed down all year but anyway, it seems busier when your finishing up summer season at the skatepark, and trying to ride and run the website. On August 29th, Argentine shredder Gonzalo Bellanti released a really nice “Post BMX Worlds Hype” edit that documented his progression, this kid has a bright future. Fresh off the Chuncheon Cup win, Dez Maarsen dropped a sick brakeless edit, the man was looking ready for the Red Bull COB. And last but not least, even though the footage is old, one of the best edits of the year, was this Lost Footage edit of Matthias Dandois, shot arguably in his prime. Seriously go back and watch this!

Phew!! A lot happened as you can appreciate from May till August, argueably the busiest months of the year! Stay tuned for Part 3, coming soon….










































































































































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