Throwback Thursdays with Paul Osicka!

This weeks Throwback Thursday with Paul Osicka. Check his section from Standard Country, this came out in 2000. Paul was hugely influential. For all the new cats who might not have seen this, watch all the walkaround squeaker stuff, flapjack combos, and the backwards g turn towards the end. Great track from EPMD. Groundbreaking!

James White S&M Intrikat Bikecheck edit!

bike check from James White on Vimeo.

Intro/Photos: James White.

My bike has changed a fair bit since my last freaky light ‘ Paris 1 ‘ Bike check –

It’s gradually got bigger and heavier. Obviously It’s quite fashionable to use a street style whip at the moment but for me , the look of how this sort of set up encourages you ride coincided with where I wanted to go. I got a similar feeling watching people ride big set ups to when I first saw brakeless riding… Fluid and less forceful.. like you’ve got to give the bike respect and wait for it to respond. Small light weight bikes are by there nature quick and jerky I’m a huge critic of my riding and this was something I wanted to iron out, so started messing about with bigger set ups and here I am. The White bike…

Frame: S&M Intrikat 20”tt in limited Edition White.
Forks: S&M Intrikat Prototype White.
Bars: S&M Intrikat 9” Limited Edition White.
Headset: Primo in matching Limited Edition White.
Tyres: Fit Faf 1:95 front and back. Fastest tyres I’ve come across.
Rims: Alienation brakeless rims front and back.
Front hub: DK.
Back hub: KHE the light version. I’ve cut down the axles a bit and lathed down a few parts to lighten it up a bit.
Spokes: double butted radial lace.
Crank: Éclat Onyx – I chop down the axle quite a bit. While I’m not so bothered about weight I still don’t like carrying around unnecessary heavy metal.
Chain: Cult, silver.
Chain wheel: AMNL Sprocky Balboa.
Grips: Fit, faith Grips. I’m on about my forth pair of these. Love how they feel, tuff where you grab and nice and soft on the rest of my delicate hands.
Bar ends: Odyssey par ends. I love these bar ends, for plastic bar ends they last and work so well.
Stem: Shadow.
Pegs: Ares with Odyssey par ends. (I love the Ares pegs, but being plastic the ends wear down pretty quick so I ‘ve got a little mod going on using odyssey bar ends) Got some griptape going as well at the moment as riding in the wet a fair amount of time.
Seat: Currently using a Pivotal Fit. I’ve ground out all the undercarriage so it nice to grab.

Bike History shot.

What do you thinks of James’ ride?

Alex Jumelin Instagram contest winner is…

Brandon Davis won the Alex’s Instagram contest for some FreeGun goodies! For this nice sunset footjam whip photo! Congrats Brandon!

Joris Breatgnolles & Kevin Meyer Bike Art TV Interview

Bike Art – le Vélo en folie by avp_diffusion

Although the interview is in French and I can’t understand what they are saying (maybe you can!), Joris and Kevin both have riding footage! Check it!

Don’t forget Kevin’s contest coming up really soon!

DownUnderGround Round 1, Sydney 2013

A few people have asked wheres the footage from DUG Round 1? Well, check out this great edit that features not only contest footage, but practise footage and antics as well. Great riding from Simon O’Brien, Michael Husser, Paul Chaberlain, Yasushi Kaiiwaia, and many others! Looked like a fun weekend in Sydney!

For updates on the Australian scene hit up:

Niko Del Real – Vacations Progression Edit

Niko Del Real – Vacations Progression Edit from Paulo Zilverlight on Vimeo.

Great to see the face behind the all the rider drawings, Niko Del Real. Peep his new Vacations Progression edit right here.

James Smith – Wet GoPro Black Test


James tests out the GoPro in a wet underground. You can get a few glimpses of his custom ride! Check it!

Must Watch! Matthieu Bonnecuelle – Backwards X hand Whiplash!

Holy shit! This is absolutely amazing! Backwards facing X hand whiplash, smooth as you like!

Jin Kondo – Kani Plus 5

It’s certainly not the weather for an Ice Cream. But here Jin Kondo drops a few backwards rolling ice cream variations for ya!

OneLoveBMX 10 Questions – Dane Beardsley

The OneLove crew sat down with Dane Beardsley last weekend at OneLoveJam2013 and told him they got 10 questions for him. Just check out what’s good with Dane on the fine art of bartending and stock tips. Hit the link yo!