Episode 20: Flatmattersonline Exclusives with Steffen Peter

We made it to 20 episodes of the Flatmattersonline exclusives, thank you so much to everyone who has contributed so far!
If you are paying attention to the clips you will have made the observation, the first 19 exclusives have all featured professional riders.
For the 20th episode, I wanted tO change things up, and reach out to an amateur/expert rider, and one of my favourite AM riders in particular Steffen Peter. I’ve been sitting on this awesome clip for a few weeks, and wanted to save this one for the 20th episode!
I wanted to show these clips are for everyone, if you have something you are stoked on, I want to see it and I am sure the flatland world do too. Inspiration comes in many forms for all of us. Thanks Steffen Peter for contributing!

Who’s got the next clip?

* Next clip drops Wednesday 13th May, 5pm GMT!

Yasuyuki Takeo: The Flatmattersonline Interview

Intro/Interview: Effraim.

It is hard to put into words the influence that the King of Ground contest has had on flatland since it’s inception, from all sides of flatland, the groundbreaking riding styles, the inside wooden contest floors, use of the battle format, waving of the flags for the judges result. I feel like no matter what I say, that would be only the tip of the iceberg.

I hit up Yasuyuki Takeo, one of the people behind the scenes that helped get the King of Ground up and running along with Takashi Ito, Kotato Tanaka, York Uno and a few others. I’ve lost track how many times I’ve posted a KOG video, and hit rewind numerous times just see what the hell happened. I wanted to know more about behind the scenes information of one of the most influential contest series to happen in flatland history.

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the Yasuyuki Takeo interview! In true Flatmattersonline style, it’s a long read, so grab a cuppa and get educated on all things KOG. So stoked how this came out, thank you Yasu for taking the time to do work on this interview.

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Episode 19: Flatmattersonline Exclusives with Martin Drazil

It’s about that time, we are fast approaching the 20th episode of the Flatmattersonline exclusives. This has far out weighed my expectations, that began again whilst I was out in San Francisco in January riding with Pete Brandt.
Martin Drazil from Prague, stepped up for the 19th episode, dropping an awesome line that utilises great use of brakes and brakeless techniques.
Thanks Martin for contributing.

Who’s got the 20th exclusive? We shall see on Sunday, 5pm GMT!

Episode 18: Flatmattersonline Exclusives with Omari Cato

Accidentally deleted Omari’s clip having trouble with uploading episode 19. Apolgises to Omari, clip is back up now…

The response to posting Flatmattersonline exclusives twice a week has been absolutely amazing! Thank you all so much for keeping this going during this difficult time for all of us… As we approach 20 episodes, without missing a beat so far, Omari Cato came through with episode 18!

I have no idea what’s going on with these back wheel riders grabbing the tyre, but I like it, and Omari drops something really fresh here!

Thank you Omari for contributing towards the culture.

Who’s got the next clip?

Episode 17: Flatmattersonline Exclusives with Lee Musselwhite

What’s up everyone?
It’s time for episode 17 of the Flatmattersonline exclusives, this episode features UK shredder, Lee Musselwhite!
Lee is one of those riders that is lucky enough to have a home riding spot, this spot has really come into it’s own during the Covid-19 lockdown. We are in week 6 of the lockdown, and I wondered what effect this lockdown will have on riders without a spot’s progression the longer this situation goes on, it could be massive!
I hit up Lee, and asked if he would be down to film a clip, really liking the backwards boomerang concepts he’s working with here!
Thank you Lee for contributing towards the culture.

Who’s got the next clip?

Last Times with Zimmi Akhmad

Travelling is one of the best things about the flatland lifestyle, you get to meet fellow flatlanders you might not ever meet. Last year when I was attending the UCI World Championships in Chengdu, China, I got to meet a fresh face to the flatland scene I hadn’t seen before, Zimmi Akhmed! Flatland crosses many boundaries, and we shared a funny moment out for lunch trying to translate a Chinese menu along with Dustyn Alt, Sietse Van Berkel, Gilles van de Sompel (and afew others) at a restaurant close by to the UCI World Championship venue. I wanted to give Zimmi some shine on the site, he lives in Bali and is the only flatlander there. It’s time for second edition of “Last Times”. Much respect Zimmi!

Introduce yourself Zimmi, for everyone that doesn’t know who you are?
My name is Zimmi Akhmad I’m 33 Yo and will turn 34 on May 26 this year. Originally from Sidoarjo is a suburb of the second capital city in Indonesia of Surabaya. Interesting with BMX after I watched the BMX Bandit the movie from 1983, it was Nicole Kidman and Tracy Wallace I think if I’m not wrong, and by the time my friend also introduces me with BMX bike when I was 18 YO. And in 2001 I know what is BMX freestyle is, and in 2003 I started ride flatland. I decided to move to a small beautiful island of Bali in 2014 because I love the ocean because in the city where I live before it is just a concrete jungle and no beaches. Just settle in Bali and get a job as Business Development Manager for the distribution company which sells surf products because Bali is such a big market for the Surfing industry internationally after Australia and Hawai. And also because I love to surf as well, I would go surf if I can’t go ride instead. But surely my passion is BMX.

I live in Bali with no flatlanders, only street riders and skaters here are such a struggle, to be honest, to keep motivated to ride flatland. When you get stressed trying to get new tricks, or can’t land a trick sometimes. That’s why sometimes I hang out with friends which they are street riders here in Bali, and they keep motivating me. Till now I’m the only flatland rider who lives in Bali.

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Classic Monday’s: Balancing Act

Last week we featured Alexis Desolneux’s amazing part from the Intrikat “Flatsphere” DVD, this week its a full video: Mark Eaton’s master piece “Balancing Act” that dropped in May, 1997. This is a video that showcases all forms of BMX, and with Eaton’s editing skills this doesn’t get old at all. For the purposes of Classic Monday’s I will just stick to the flatland standouts…

There’s so much flatland, from the intro that kicks in at 00:37, Leif Valin section at 6:07 (look out for the fire hydrant to pedal ice cream at 6:20), that was a move that was ahead of the time for sure. Kevin Jones section at 11:51 showcases all different styles of flatland riding, fixie, roller coaster and regular front and back brake, cross handed hang ten step to steam (this might be unnoticed, go back and watch this one, never seen it done like this), and my favourite move from the Jone’s section double whiplash to switch handed steam bar flip to forwards tomahawk (this move like most of Kevin’s career was widely copied).

The standout section flatland wise has to be the Chase Gouin part (17:26), for many of us this was the first time we saw brakeless riding. We saw tricks that normally would require brakes performed in Chase’s aggressive style, Eaton captured not only Chase’s amazing riding but the hardwork and frustrations that is all to familiar to us all. The “No excuses” Alice in Chain track fits Chase’s riding perfectly, and it’s something Mark Eaton seemed to capture over the history of Dorkin’ videos again and again.
It’s a timeless action for sure, if I had to highlight anything though it’s during the last section jamming to Social Distortion, (23:19) brakeless g-strings to backwards Karl backwards cliff, and the following dump truck pivot x-ft ice cream to the pedal x-ft body varial inside opposite caboose was groundbreaking for the time and hugely influential for the direction modern day flatland has gone.
Eaton’s editing skills really shine bright in this one, certified classic that makes me want to spend the whole day watching the Dorkin’ box set, but it’s time to go ride!

Episode 16: Flatmattersonline Exclusives with Khaled Huerta

It’s time for episode 16 of the Flatmattersonline exclusives, these episodes are coming thick and fast now. I hope these exclusives are keeping you motivated at home. Khaled Huerta, out of Saudi Arabia, stepped up for the 16th episode, Khaled is infamous for his long combos and he lives up to his name right here. I’m loving the fact, riders from all over the globe are contributing.

Thank you Khaled for contributing towards the culture.

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Episode 15: Flatmattersonline Exclusives with Benjamin Großjohann

With the Flatmattersonline exclusives dropping twice a week, the updates feel like they are coming thick and fast for me. One of my favourite things about putting FM together is the surprises I get, whether its someone I haven’t heard from in a while, a new video, some news, or in this case Benjamin Großjohann hitting me up with a clip for episode 15!
I haven’t seen much footage of Benjamin for a while, and he’s a name I don’t see on social media either, which is a rare thing these days.
Benjamin comes through with an amazing back wheel line holding the tyre that you don’t want to miss, filmed in Berlin, Germany. Thanks Benjamin for contributing!

Who’s got the next clip??

Classic Mondays: Alexis Desolneux / Flatsphere

It feels like a while since I dropped a “Classic Mondays”, and on Saturday when Alexis Desolneux dropped his Intrikat “Flatsphere” which was released in 2004, I knew it was time for another CM!
Alexis is infamous for his amazing video parts, and at a later date it might be worth doing a breaking down episode with one of his parts.
Chad Johnston made some of the best videos/DVD’s in flatland history, and combine that with riders of the calibre of Alexis, and your onto a classic! If you had to pick, what’s your favourite line in this part? I would have to go with the opposite hang 5 to halfpacker line that just keeps building and building at 2:13! Let’s discuss this one….