Must Watch: Benjamin Hudson / It’s Ok Part 1

Benjamin Hudson has been been off the grid for a while now. One of the best styles in the flatland game, and today that changes and we have a short but very sweet “It’s ok” part 1 to get you motivated for your winter session. The standout for me is the switch foot pedal 5 line where he crosses over to the other side around the 1:05 mark. Thank you Benjamin and IGI for this treat!!

Must Watch: Giannis Caternellis / Freestyler #120

120 Freestyler edits from the prolific Giannis Caternellis, this one kept through the system until now. What a treat from Giannis, that opening line is absolutely bonkers in difficulty level alone, and made me ponder a question I would like to ask the flatland community. If a rider is doing a combination of tricks that no one else touches yet its been done before in parts but combo’ed differently. Is that original?
The backpacker jump to hitch and then one footed hitch at around the 3:15 mark is ridiculous and its a good case in point. So much take in here, a definite Must Watch for your Sunday feed!

Must Watch: Viki Gomez / Rise 5

To coincide with the annual BMX day, Viki Gomez just dropped Rise 5. What would Viki follow up his award winning video with from last year, this year… There are so many complex gems in this one, working his titanium bike to its full potential.


2:54 Forward death truck turbine line switching out opposite side.
3:35: Line of the edit for me, watching this one on repeat. The exit is beautiful.
4:55 Two footed turbine backyard line, so much style and body English.
6:15 Ice Cream bike flip out peg wheelie hop to xft steam!

There’s a lot of great stuff in this great edit put together by Sevisual. Happy BMX day everyone! Thanks Viki and Sevisual for this treat!

Must Watch: Ahmed Johnson / Eureka

A lot of back wheel riding currently looks very similar, not that that’s a bad thing. Ahmed Johnson’s riding hits differently, the way this man appears to walk around the bike stepping side to side with so much style is incredible to watch. Love the line at 1:23, and the opposite F truck at the Spot in Redondo Beach at 2:26!!

The Viki Gomez Flatmattersonline Year End Award Interview + Viki’s Must Watch Rise 4 Ever Part!

Intro/Interview: Effraim.
Photography: Jason Halayko.

Hello everyone,

After a few days break from my back to back trips to Lyon France and straight to Japan for the X Games. It’s time to get back to posting some content for you all at home.
And next up in the Fm year end award winner interviews is Viki Gomez, winner of the editorial choice for edit of the year 2021!
We discuss the award, filming the part, direction changes in Viki’s riding, motivations with contests vs edits, Titanium bikes and his new video part Rise 4 Ever (which you can watch below!

RISE 4 EVER from Viki Gomez on Vimeo.

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Must Watch: James White / Searching for Bisseker

So much to love about this new edit from James White, from the creative riding style that asks the question, is this flatland or street? the no handed pedal slide at 2:15 I have never seen before, this edit just flat out made me smile. And reminded me that BMX is fun, and James looks like he’s having the most fun out and about in London. Not to mention a classic Gunshot track to boot. Go watch this one, and get there riding and creating!