Throwback Thursdays – One Love Jam 2018

It is the annual One Love Jam this weekend in Newport Beach, California. Tomorrow I am heading down to LA with Pete Brandt, Dylan Worsley, and James McGraw. Seems like as good a time as any for this sweet bonus edit from last year, crank it up and get hyped. I know I am!

One Love Jam Bonus

BONUS from OneLoveBmx on Vimeo.

Robert Reilly, Rich Slezak, Dane Beardsley, Ruben Castillo, Pete Brandt, Misael Mizo, Lincoln Harberger, and Frank Ruiz feature on the Bonus edit from the One Love jam a few weeks back. Jamming to the sounds of Bodycount!

One Love Jam 2018

OneLoveJam2018 from OneLoveBmx on Vimeo.

The official edit of the 8th annual One Love Jam 2018 just dropped and it’s a banger. Look out for an interview here on FM real soon with the man behind the jam, Darin Wright. For now peep a whole load of good riding and vibes from the likes of Bill Nitschke, Ahmed Johnson, Bruno Zebu, Ruben Castillo, Chad Johnston, Gabe Weed, Ed Jolie, Dane Beardsley, and Pete Brandt.

Vibe5 2002

Another day, another great video from the archives. Jeff Desroche’s Vibe 5 video from 2002, featuring great contest footage from the Toronto contest, and Florida CFB. So much good riding from the likes of Viki Gomez, Aaron Frost, Jeff Desroche, Dane Beardsley, Terry Adams, Ed Nussbaum, Phil Dolan, Cory Stratychuk and many more. It’s well worth sitting down and enjoying this one! Thanks Claybom for the upload.

Lookback: April 2015 – The Flatmattersonline 2015 Year end awards

The clocks go forward in April, and the riding level and contest season takes on more momentum as we all get psyched for the summer. What happened in April? Here are some of the highlights as I dig back in the crates at some of the key moments…

Dane Beardsley’s amazing section from Samethingdaily3 is now online mixing up flatland, trails, ditches, concrete parks, street, Dane can do it all! Flatland wise, look out for the No handed backwards death truck line at 2:20, xft shove it mccircle line at 3:47 and a whole lot more! A Good Friday treat for you from Dane Beardsley, pure BMX! A great way to start the month of April!

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Trans Jam BMX Contest – 2015 Full Promo

The Trans Jam BMX Contest Series is hosting its third stop in Raleigh, NC May 15-17 at the Got to be NC Festival. This is the second round of the Am Flatland Circuit as well. Check out the promo the AMFLT crew just put together, as well as a refresh on Dane Beardsley’s winning run from last year below!

Voodoo Jam 2012 Highlights

Voodoo Jam 2012 Highlights from Erik Otto on Vimeo.

Erik Otto always comes up with the goods, early Voodoo jam hype? This Voodoo Jam 2012 Highlights edit was well worth the wait! There is a lot of amazing riding and good times from the likes of Scott OBrien, Jorge Vasquez, Dane Beardsley, Naoto Tamaru, Bo Wade, Aaron Frost, James McGraw, Art Thomason, Terry Adams, Matt Wilhelm, Waldemar Fatkin, Stephan Kornely, Jean-Francois Boulianne, Mark Kuhlmann, Alex Jumelin and Dominik Nekolny.

Dane Beardsley wins Trans Jam Stop 3!

Like I already said, so many events this past weekend it’s hard to keep up! Congratulations to DK’s Dane Beardsley taking the win at stop 3 of the Trans jam series in Raleigh, North Carolina. And I am also guessing leading the way in the series. Hopefully video footage soon.

1 Dane Beardsley
2 James McGraw
3 Isaiah Jordan
4 Luis Dos Santos
5 Bryan Huffman
6 Keith King

1 Lee Mejia
2 Mark Coates
3 Steven Tubiolo
4 Fabio Moreno
5 Kevin Washington

1 Kyle Hogue
2 Jay Morrison
3 Hannah Roberts
4 Pryce Hovey
5 Eddie Rovi
6 Jackson Hamelin

Terry Adams wins Trans Jam Stop 2 in Athens, GA!

Photo credit: Terry Adams.

Stop 2 of the Trans Jam contest series went down yesterday in Athens, Georgia. Terry Adams made the journey down from New Orleans and took the win, with Stop 1 winner Dane Beardsley in second, and Isaiah Jordan in third place. Congratulations, Terry, Dane and Isaiah!

Flatland Beginner Results:
1-Justin Morrison
2-Eddie Rovi
3- Hannah Roberts
4- Indy Nowak

Flatland Expert Results:
1-Mark Coates
2-Steven Tubiolo

Flatland Pro Results:
1- Terry Adams
2- Dane Beardsley
3- Isaiah Jordan
4- Alex Jumelin
5- Luiz Dos Santos
6- Andy Cooper
7- Keith King