Must Watch: The Jeep Real Games Finals

I literally just posted the results from the Jeep Real Games not even an hour ago, and the final presentation of all the finalists is online already! Yohei Uchino discusses the level of riding (unfortunately not translated), but you can work out the riding!
The riding starts at the 16 minute mark with Akira Okamura, Kio Hayakawa, Ryo and Yu Katagiri, Takahiro Enoki, Hiroya Morizaki (look out for his mind blowing new whopper move to steam!), and Naoto Tamaru!

The presentation like a TV game show style, is really awesome and a fitting way to showcase some of the best contest riding I have even seen. Congratulations to Hiroya Morizaki once again and all the finalists, absolutely mind blowing level!!!

Giannis Caternellis: Freestyler #112

It is crazy to think even with the injury set backs, Giannis Caternellis has had. He is still able to throw down a new edit almost every week, Giannis has unlocked the door on the controlled one footed hitched one footed backpacker. And even using his hoodie pocket, drops a no handed one footed hitch in this one, go watch this. Giannis is incredible, respect!

Gernot Ibounig 2020: From Vienna with Love

Gernot Ibounig 2020 – From Vienna with love …. from Christoph Diebold on Vimeo.

Some of you may remember Gernot Ibounig from the late 90’s, Gernot was at a lot of the bigger contests during that time period. The last two years in a row I have run into Gernot at the annual One Love Jam in Newport Beach, California.
He just dropped his annual edit, and it’s a great one. Multiple whiplashes on lock and that 90’s style added to brakeless style makes this one a fun watch. Thank you for the Flatmatters shoutout towards the end, wasn’t expecting that! If you are reading this Gernot, I hope we cross pathes again and get a session going in the near future…

Matthias Dandois: Unlocked Down / A Midnight Cruise in Paris

I’m a bit late posting this new beautiful new edit by Matthias Dandois, directed by Pierre Blondel, photography by Vincent Perraud. Here’s MD had to say:

“Paris is the most visited city in the world and is always full of energy and surprises.
The streets that were once full of cars, tourist and pedestrians suddenly became quiet and empty in November.
From the Champs Elysées to the Eiffel Tower and going through Montmartre or Paris Opera house, It made a perfect playground for BMX riding and some never-seen-before footage in the French capital who fell asleep.”

Must Watch: Austin Luberda / A.M. Sessions

It is amazing during this difficult year, that we can really see the value of flatland and how good it is for our souls and general well being. Austin Luberda has made a big impact on the US flat scene over the last few years, amazing flow and style. Recently, he and his lovely wife Anna, had their first child together, and in order to continue riding at a high level and juggle parent life Austin changed his riding schedule from the afternoon/evening to early morning session.

And the result, is absolutely amazing. Not only the riding, but the morning light is something unless you ride early mornings you won’t know what I am talking about. Let’s talk about the riding….

And in particular, I want to highlight the last two lines at 2:48 and the gliding junkyard blindside pivot to switch hand switch foot time machine breaks new ground, and opens a new door for Austin at 3:07!

This edit has it all, easy on the eye, ground breaking moves, well edited, the list goes on. I really want to see Austin on the big contest stage, keep on keeping on Austin! It’s a good day on Flatmattersonline!!