Jeff Desroche – After Accident 1

In 2010, Jeff Desroche was hit by a truck while he was walking on the side of the road. It’s taken Jeff nine years to get back to a point where he feels like he can progress again doing what he loves. Flatland! One of the best styles in the game for sure, the way Jeff moves around the bike is something else, so stoked to see Flatland can help and does help in your mental health. This Part 1 in a three part series, really looking forward to the next parts. This is so good, flatland really does matter!

Vancouver Jam 2019 – Best Trick Contest

Vancouver Jam 2019 – Best Trick Contest from Level Up on Vimeo.

The Vancouver Flatland Jam went down this year and a best trick contest was added to the agenda on the Friday at the ‘Circle Spot’. All the pro and amateur riders killed it with Gautier Saint and Cory Fester taking home the iGi prize packs.

Riders: Mickael Loiodice, Nelson Yeo, Billy Gordon, Rich Slezak, Gautier Saint, Ryan Russell, Percy Marshall, Bo Wade, Cory Fester

Best Trick Amateur Winner – Gautier Saint
Best Trick Pro Winner – Cory Fester

Filming Credit – Joey Kyllo, Francois Debroux, Shane Neville, Mickael Loiodice
Editing – Joey Kyllo

Alexis Desolneux – As The Wheel Turns (Da French Connexion)

Today we have a special treat from the flatland archives, Alexis Desolneux’s first video part, winter 1991-1992, from “As The Wheel Turns” by Ryan and Brent Clawson, 1992. This was a huge video part for me during the early nineties, many of you won’t have seen this so hit play and feel the energy and Alexis’ riding at the time was electric.

Brazilian Crew in Ireland

Willian Prado AKA Buiú, Romulo Guerra AKA Bixcoito and Luiz dos Santos AKA Arroz made it all the way from Brazil for the Worlds in Cologne and made a stop in Ireland to visit Mizo on the way back.These videos show how blessed they were with this lovely and rare Irish summer. These guys kill it, enjoy this one!