Must Watch – Matthieu Bonnécuelle / Riding Waste


Isn’t the saying “Another man’s waste is another man’s treasure”, well god damn my mind is blown this evening with this footage of Matthieu Bonnécuelle shot in 2015/16. Matthieu in my mind is like a mysterious figure we don’t see a lot of, but when we do it is a treat for us all.

And such is the case here, second clip in at the 00:17 mark – backwards facing messiah no handed double backwards facing whiplash to backwards facing messiah. I screamed loud at my laptop, the bike control on this clip is out of this world and it continues there are so many surprises in this edit.

00:39 and a steam bikeflip to backwards ice cream! Hit the rewind, wow! I love how I have no idea what’s coming next, exciting!

1:00 – I think this might be my favourite clip of the edit, backwards facing whiplash to body varial jump rideout!

Pretty much everything Matthieu does is a highlight to be honest, let’s talk about this one in the comments section. I am going back to watch this one again.

Thomas Deschenaux – SWIRL MMXVIII

SWIRL MMXVIII – Thomas Deschenaux from BRE∆K YOUR NOSE on Vimeo.

This week has been uber busy for me here at Flatmattersonline HQ, so much so that I completely missed this amazing new edit from Thomas Deschenaux! There is something in the water in France with regard to the nose wheelie game, the spinning nose manual to backwards pedal 5 at the 1:48 mark is beautiful. Don’t sleep on this edit like I did and check this one out!

Anthony Schneidewind – 2018

The content just keeps coming on Flatmattersonline, and today we start our Saturday morning posts with a great one from across the pond. Anthony Schneidewind is one of the dopest amateur riders win the US contest flatland circuit. By the look of this intro section that documents the frustration that flatland brings, Anthony put in some work on his “2018” edit sot over in the summer. The section kicks in around the 2:06 mark, good work Anthony!

Japanese flatland girls 2018

Edit of the girls, by the girls, for the girls. Eri Funatsu, Sona Yoshimura, Ava Ozaki, Sakura Kawaguchi, and Misaki Katagiri feature in this feel good “Japanese flatland girls edit”. Thanks to Jay Marley for sending this one in! Go watch this one…

Nick Watts – 30th November 2018

Every Thursday night like clockwork as I am going to sleep, I see a notification from Nick Watts. And every week it gets harder and harder to say to myself, save that one for the morning. Throw in a classic P.E track and the hype is real, Nick continues to progress and more so I think the way he is moving around the bike with so much style is moving forward each week and can literally see it. The wild tomahawk walkaround line at 00:48 is savage, Friday just keeps better and better and we haven’t got to 5pm yet!

Brian Tunney – November 2018 Clips

I have been a big fan of Brian Tunney’s riding for years, so it is always great to see fresh footage of the man himself out there riding and enjoying it. Brian now lives in Redondo Beach, California, for some reason I never expected to see Brian doing a funky chicken, but it happens in this November 2018 Clips edit and the ender chalks off something he dreamed of doing back when he was 14 years old. It’s already going to be a good day, and the sun is shining outside for the first time in days.

Abe Hamilton – Same Thing Daily 2008

Ten years ago, Same Thing Daily dropped and the name Abe Hamilton was and will be etched on our minds for years to come. The body varial whiplash lines in this part are pretty much untouched ten years on, Pete Olsen springs to mind but aside from Pete, no one springs to mind. Watch it, get inspired, go create and have fun! Thank you Abe.

Ten Years of Flatmattersonline – Episode 1 + Editorial

Ten Years of Flatmattersonline.

After much pondering, on the 27th November 2008 I walked out of a store on Albert Road here in Southsea and decided to start a website. I wanted something basic to begin with to learn online posting, something that was all new to me at the time…. the Flatmattersonline blogspot site was born, Flatmatters had out grown it’s monthly page in Ride UK and it was time for something new that would help the scene. Looking back the first month or so was pretty amazing, all exclusive content.
Ten years on, my first article “To Scuff or not?” is still one of my favourite articles I have done on the site and it’s especially interesting to see where it’s at right now in relation to that article. I wanted to have more writing and depth about flatland online and proud today ten years on today so stay I am contributing what I set out to do. Scroll down on the archives section on the right hand side of the site and have a read when you have a spare moment.

I think my most proudest achievement running the site, is that my initial ethos and theory behind why am I going to this site still runs true ten years on, and has grown over the years.
The initial idea was a simple one, I wanted to wake up everyday and have something for you to look at to motivate you the flatlander at home, no matter where you are in the world to get out riding that day, and I didn’t want to governed by anybody or any company.

Whilst I miss the qualities print has that the internet can never touch, you can’t deny that the internet has brought the world closer together. I can reach so many more people via FM then I ever could making a magazine.

I wanted to do something special to mark 10 years of Flatmattersonline, I realise the website is known for posting riding videos every day, but it’s not often I go behind the scenes and interview the people that inspire me.
So throughout the course of this week I reach out to riders and friends across the globe to ask them a couple of questions, in places some riders have gone on a tangent from what I asked. There are no rules here, I want to celebrate the site and feel pretty proud to be able to help inspire new riders, older riders, seasoned pros, help riders get sponsors, teach kids tricks, there’s always something new happening with the site its pretty mind-blowing to me and helps to grow and branch out in different ways.

I wanted to do something special to mark 10 years of Flatmattersonline, I realise the website is known for posting riding videos every day, but up until now I haven’t talked at all about the people that have inspired me on this journey. So these set of episodes attempts to focus purely on the people that have inspired me, not their riding which we all know every well.

After some brainstorming, I decided I wanted to go away from the riding (which I feature everyday) and dig beneath the surface of the site and ask my inspirations about their thoughts on FM. I reached out to a whole host of people who inspire me in so many different ways, most have responded and a couple not which is disappointing, but I kind of expected that to happen.

I asked the following questions:

What would you say over ten years is Flatmattersonline biggest contribution to the sport?

When you think of Flatmattersonline what do you think of?

What was your first memory of Flatmattersonline?

My next thought as I was sending emails out to riders, was to have exclusive content every day for an entire week. And go back to how I started FM ten years ago pretty much. Sometimes I feel I go away from that, with the daily demands of “edit, edit,”. It’s time for me to shut up, grab a cuppa and reflect on 10 years of running Flatmattersonline.

You all make flatmatters what it is, so I thank all of you who are tuning in. It’s been a lot of work keeping the site going, 15,490 posts later we are here celebrating our tenth anniversary!

Here’s to ten more, I hope you all enjoy the Ten Years of Flatmattersonline episodes…

Effraim Catlow / Ten Years of Flatmattersonline.

Giannis Caternellis – Freestyler #98

As Giannis Caternellis draws ever nearer to the magic 100th episode in his Freestyler series! Giannis dedicates his 98th episode to our 10 Year anniversary of Flatmattersonline, thank you Giannis! Sit down, grab a cuppa and enjoy 15 minutes of Giannis freestylin’, ever seen a funky chicken on the stem? Nope, I dont think so. Giannis’ trick bag is vast, we kick off our anniversary with a good one!