Raphael Chiquet – DIY

Raphael Chiquet is putting in work in 2019, already a full part on “Nice, Nice, Very Nice”, competing worldwide on the contest circuit, not to mention all the travel and practise that goes hand in hand with that. And today, Raphael launched his own Youtube channel with another part full of his original moves and style. Look forward to seeing what Raphael shows on his channel in the future, great start!

Matthieu Bonnécuelle & Forkone – Ceremony

Ceremony (excerpt) from NUAGE BMX on Vimeo.

“One night, after a long afternoon of riding, my friend Koichi (alias Forkone) started trying a new movement on the bike.
I began to try it too and we started to get into a loop together, putting ourselves in a “flatrance” mood (flatland transe).
Hidenori set the atmosphere, playing the Kalimba along with the rain and our energy.
Taku and Frankie were also actors of this protocol, as they were attentive to the action, as much as the riders.

Without any actual verbal organization, an implicit ceremony was set, everyone playing his role.
Five people focused on the realization of one movement and the tension before it.
I just asked Koichi: “we can film?!””

Matthieu Bonnécuelle

Joel Schallhorn – 31 Birthday Tricks!!!!

Joel Schallhorn just dropped his 31st birthday edit whilst he is out in China. Firstly, Happy Birthday Joel, 31 birthday tricks that he learnt within the last year. Joel intros the video, riding kicks in around the 2:18 mark. As always this one is refreshing full of lot of potential trick directions. Really enjoyed this and I am sure you will do too….