Will Redd – 45th birthday edit

Will Redd 45th birthday edit from Will Redd on Vimeo.

Will Redd celebrates his 45th birthday with a session at his London Bikes flatland riding spot over in Texas. Loving the double footed one handed elbow glide to turbine hitch back to elbow glide bar flip out at the 00:09. Also, keep an eye out for the F truck line at the end. Happy birthday Will!

2019 Clocktower Jam – San Francisco, CA

Every year Pete Brandt and the SF Clocktower locals throw down a jam to celebrate day light savings, TCU were in town to document what went down last weekend. Pete Brandt gets two clips at the start of the edit from the 00:14 mark, and I was stoked to see the relatively unknown Clocktower street shredder, Jacob get a line in this at the 1:14 mark. Good vibes from the Clocktower, this brought memories flooding back from my time there in January.

Alex Jumelin – How To Fakie Boomerang

Catching up on updates after being in Barcelona for a couple of days for the UCI flatland judging seminar. It’s the Fise “Battle of Champions” in Saudi Arabia this weekend which begins shortly actually, and Alex Jumelin just did this nice how-to fake boomerang video with some great tips to help you learn this trick.