Must Watch – Regenerations / BMX Flatland Short Film

“A new generation of young riders inspired by older generations are regenerating BMX Flatland.
Their riding regenerates our riding.This video is dedicated to them!”.

Yu Katagiri (14 years old),Ryo Katagiri (19 years old), Yohei Uchino (37 years old), Viki Gomez (38 years old) collaborate on this Christmas Day released Must Watch! Put together four of the best riders in the world with the best filmer in the game, Tom at Sevisual and you strike gold.

The concept for the video is a great one, and demonstrates how generations of riders can inspire each other back and forth via the Flatpark Flatland School that Yohei Uchino runs. As Jesse Puente would say “You push me, I push you back homie!”.

Rather than list trick for trick which I always do, i’m going to flip this one. Let’s talk about this one in the comments section. Time for a rewind, lot to take in this one…

Top marks Tom, Viki, Ucchie, Ryo and Yu!

Lil Doses #9

Lil Doses #9 from Doses Flatland on Vimeo.

Today is a good day for edits, well actually….. Lil Doses #9 is a full length flatland video by Adam Guild that deserves your attention. What I especially like about this feature is that the riding is not reserved only for the elite. The riding content covers expert level through to pro level riding featuring Scott Hagnas, George Manos, Giannis Caterllis, Pedro Melo, Dax Wolford, Michael Shao, David Walters, Alejandro Marques, Adam Guild, Dan Hamilton, Bri Welch, Anthony Schneidewind, Louis Orth, Erin Fricke, Joe Cicman, Rodney Williams, Francis Chase Santos, Rosey Taylor, Jay Marley, Kevin Howell, Juan Carlos Moronta, Ramón Lopez Colon, Thiago BB, Robert Victoria, Lindsey Bode, Art Thomason, and Bryan Huffman. Lil Doses #9 runs for 1:19, when you have the time give this one a watch. Props to Adam Guild putting this one together!

* Pedro Medina. Rest in Peace – this one is for you.

Mostly True by MM Films

Belated Merry Christmas everyone, it’s been a busy few days with familytime over Christmas. And today we have some belters for you, this is definitely a day where I say “Grab a cuppa and treat yourself!”. The legendary Japanese underground classic Mostly True just dropped and this deserves to be seen, this one is separated into sections so rather than post each one, let the video flow into the next section. Standout sections, Part 5 with Osada Syuichi and Part 9 with Miura Hirokazu, this is really beautiful and needs your time! I know I will be going back to this one, over and over!

Must Watch – Marton Szilagyi is 49

Marton’s 49 edit (year end edit) from og pictures on Vimeo.

So many good edits today, but if I had to pick one to watch it would be this Marton is 49 edit. One of the greatest riders to ever come out of the European scene, Marton can do it all. Whether it’s the xft hitch pivot backwards backpacker to carved backwards halfpacker bar hop backwards over bars to fire hydrant at 2:46, he’s the only one in the world doing that or its ET Nose manuals across the parking lot or pinky squeaks to locomotive. Marton is still out there doing it, and doing it as well as ever. I took a lot of motivation out of this edit and I am sure you will. Roll on the Marton is 50 edit. Hitting the rewind, what a great watch this is.