Kevin Nikulski: Timeless

Before Kevin Nikulski made the move from Berlin to the warmer climate of Lisbon, Portugal he teamed up with the Freedom BMX crew and filmer Raph Jeroma-Williams to treat us all to a super stylish “Timeless” edit. If you like me, and you are a little bored during lockdown, and fancy something to watch today… This edit is worth your time and attention, Kevin kills it!

Throwback Thursdays: Keisuke Tanigawa / Oita 2008

During this lockdown in particular, I have been digging through the Flatmattersonline archives more than ever for motivation during these hard times.
Keisuke Tanigawa is one of my favourite riders, I haven’t seen any footage in a minute. But nevertheless, this Oita edit from 2008 is full of gems and so much style.
Liquid flow and technical switches that deserves your attention if you missed it the first time round, the opposite switch foot hang 5 bar flip to spinning half hiker at 4:02 is flat out amazing!!

Ultimate Flatland League Demo Video

There is a real buzz in the flatland community about the Ultimate Flatland League starting this year, and with uncertain times very much here with what will happen in the future with the Covid 19 pandemic. You can well understand why, Martti Kuoppa has been working hard on a demo video to showcase in more detail how the event will work.

Over to the Boss:

I have received a great amount of super good feedback about the Ultimate Flatland League online video competition. Many thanks again everyone!
I decided to put together a demo video of all rounds to demonstrate the UFL format more clearly:
Round 1: Ground Tactics non-edited full run (Toon demonstrates it in this video)
Round 2: Master Of Creativity best trick / best combo round (Sietse Van Berkel´s one trick from 2020 MOC)
Round 3: MK Format Live battle. This is captured from a real Zoom battle. (Terry Adams and Toon). The final battle of UFL will be screen recorded and the finalists are asked to use another camera (HD quality) to film the run they perform during the live battle. That is for 2 good reasons: The make sure that if the internet connection is lost there is still the proof for the run and for the post production I need to have much better quality video than what today´s live video calls are offering. The instructions will be a lot more detailed than this but will send them to the ones who are going to ride in the finals. Also, more detailed info will be sent to everyone who are participating the Round 1.

Big thanks to all sponsors of the first Ultimate Flatland League:

This competition will be judged by:
Effraim Catlow
Sebastian Grubinger
York Uno

It looks like I will be limiting the registrations to 30 riders per category so if you have not signed up yet, now it is time to do so:

Thank you!

Martti Kuoppa